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This attempt to share and preserve our family history is an ongoing project. These family lines may contain errors and certainly contain omissions. They are intended to be used as a starting point and as a guide to help lead you down the various paths of our family lines. While I have worked for countless hours trying to "get my facts straight," accuracy cannot be guaranteed in every instance. As Johnnie J. Sixkiller says, "We may have a few bones lying the wrong way," but we are gradually getting it worked out. In many cases you will note that “details excluded” follows the name of a family member, meaning that birth dates and other information has been removed from living individuals. Corrections, updates, and comments are very welcome.

Please feel free to email me (Joe Scraper Jr.) at: and please include the name Scraper in the subject line (or whichever surname your line connects to)

Scraper/Little/VanBeber Reunion Report

The Scraper/Little/VanBeber Family Reunion was held at the Westville Community Center, Westville, Oklahoma on Saturday June 7th 2008. It was a great deal of fun. After the pot-luck dinner, we toured Christie, Whitmire, and Scraper Hollow. We paid respects at cemeteries and visited old homesites. Following the tour, we went to Colcord, Oklahoma for barbeque at the Zimmerman place. There we visited and looked through old photos. The next day after Church service some of us toured the Scraper Community on Highway 10 (the old Scraper General Store is still boarded up). After paying respects at Molly Field Cemetery, we headed for home.

Sixkiller Reunion News!

A Sixkiller Family Reunion was held on Sept 5th 2009 at the Northeastern campus during the Cherokee National Holiday. It was an interesting and enjoyable gathering and a good time was had by all. For more details please send an email to Ray Holt: (Ray was the event organizer and emcee). Some of the Scraper-Sixkiller books leftover from the reunion are still available. They are $25 + $4 shipping and contain 424 pages of family history/genealogy. Contact Joe at for more information. Also see the expanded index for the book here Scraper-Sixkiller book index to see if your family is mentioned in the book. If you have a copy of the book feel free to copy the index to your harddrive or print it. If you print it I recommend converting it to 3 columns in your word processor. That should reduce it to about 50 pages depending on margin settings and font size.
Also see - Reunion regarding the reunion and family history discussion.

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Various family reports can be found on the Family Genealogy Reports Page: Scraper - Sixkiller - Little - Whitmire - Big Cabin Smith - Jackson
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