Some of our family researchers

This is only a partial list of those who work, or have worked on our family history. Some are too shy to list their names here.

Please feel free to email any of us on the list below if you wish to contact us, share or compare data and/or photos,

 or have any questions.  If you would like to be added to this list, please email your name,

 email address, and a brief description of your family connection to Joe Scraper Jr.




Joe Scraper Jr.       Kansas

Grandson of Manford Noah Scraper (White Water), and great-grandson of Archibald Scraper and Mary (Little) Scraper/Vanbeber.

Researching: Scrapers, Sixkillers, Littles, Cabin Smith’s line, and other connected families.


Judy Rowe Boemio          Texas 

Great-great-great granddaughter of David "Cull" Rowe and Eliza Ellen (Scraper) Rowe.

 Great-great-great-great granddaughter of Judge David Rowe & Elizabeth (Vann) Rowe
and George Washington Scraper & Louisa (McIntosh) Scraper.

Researching:  Scraper, Rowe, Vann, McIntosh and other related families.


Judy Griffin             New Mexico  

Granddaughter of Ed (Jerry Edward) and Julia (Little) Van Beber.  Great-granddaughter of Joseph and Nancy (Jackson) Little.

Interested in Van Beber and Little families.



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