Chapter 4 – The Deesugawskee Scraper Family

Compiled by Joe Scraper Jr.

This Report is in progress and may contain errors and omissions


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Generation One


1.  Dee-su-gaw-skee1 Scraper, b. about 1778 in Cherokee Nation East, (son of Oo-ka-wor-dar and Wah-le-yah) d. about 1854 in Goingsnake District, I. T.;  Military- Served in the Creek War of 1812 and drew a pension from the U.S. Government, buried in Scraper Cemetery (no surviving marker).      

       Like many of the Cherokee, Scraper was forced to move farther west from time to time as the invasion of white people gradually forced the Cherokee to leave their homes and start over, in hopes of living in peace without having to deal with the intruders.  Scraper may have been originally from deep within the Old Nation in what is currently known as North Carolina or Tennessee.  The family moving westward across Tennessee and/or Georgia as the white settlers pushed ever deeper into the Cherokee country.  Eventually Scraper made his home in what may have previously been Creek territory, in present day Alabama. 

       One wonders what must have gone through the fullblood's head when he realized he was falling for the beautiful Tiana Smith who was said to be 1/4 white.  It may have eased any apprehension he may have had as he got to know her father, Chief Cabin Smith, who was known for trying to hold on to the old ways, trying to save the Cherokee culture and prevent his people from becoming uncivilized from their contact with the white race.  Love must have conquered any worries about Tiana being part white, as Scraper married her and they raised several children in the area which later carried the family name, 'Scraper Mountain'.       More about Scraper Mountain

       An 1842 claim by Scraper confirms that he lived in the area of Scraper Mountain Alabama on the Chatooga River near Ft Armstrong in 1813-14.  His claim also mentions that he lived at Rabbit Trap, Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation West in 1842 and that he had come west in the Rich Taylor detachment.

         Old Man Scraper, as he was called, was often simply referred to as 'Scraper' or 'Dee-su-gaw-skee'.   Buster Scraper once said that his grandfather (Arch Scraper) used to be called Scraper Sixkiller, I believe that he actually meant to say that his great-grandfather used to be called Scraper Sixkiller.  Within the Miller roll app for Bessie England# 15925, she claims for her great-grandfather, Sixkiller or Tee-soo-gor-ske.

         The name Scraper, is the English word for Dee-su-gaw-skee, which is Cherokee for scraping the hides, or one who scrapes the hides.  As English speaking traders became more common in Indian Territory, and the U.S. government sent their officials in to establish census records, many Cherokee took on English names.  Thus, the one who scrapes the hides, Dee-su-gaw-skee, during times when English was spoken or written, came to be called Scraper.

         Tesuguskee (Scraper) was listed on the Horseshoe Bend muster roll in John McLemore's unit in the Service of the United States against the hostile Creeks.  The Cherokee Nation did not vote to join the Americans in fighting the Red Stick Creek faction, but many Cherokee volunteered hoping that the white people would be grateful and have respect for the Cherokee people and stop invading their lands.  The Cherokee also understood that if they did not show support to the white people by helping in this war, they were next in line.

         Scraper was a candidate for Councilor in 1828 of the Legislature of the Cherokee Nation representing the District of Chattooga.  His brother-in-law, Archilla Smith was also a candidate.

         The Alabama census of 1835, for Chatouga, Wills County, shows a Scraper household (no first name given) containing: Eight fullbloods.  Owned one slave.  Two farms.  Three farmers.  Three readers of Cherokee and three of English.  One weaver and one spinner.

         According to the Drennon Roll of 1851, Scraper was living in Goingsnake District at that time with his son, Otter (Che-yah).  Otter still lived in Scraper Hollow at that time, although he later moved a few miles west to the Wauhilla area.  One family legend has told that Scraper did not come west during the removal with Tiana and their children, but may have instead came with a different detachment, possibly with a 2nd wife & children.  Charley Scraper states on his Miller roll application that his father died in Goingsnake District.


    Scraper married (1) BEF 1815, /__________ /.


         2.     i.    Oo-le-nah-wee2 Scraper.

         3.     ii.   Wilson Scraper.

                 iii.   Alexander 'Runabout' Scraper, b. ABT 1815, d. 1862, military 12 Jul 1861 in Enlisted Watie's Regt. Cherokee Mounted Volunteers.  Cherokee names were Ah-tle-da-hey and Ar-li-tsa.  In english he was generally called Runabout Scraper.

                          Before the Trail of Tears, Runabout was living in Spring Creek Valley Chattooga District Cherokee Nation East (present day Cherokee County, Alabama)

                          In April 1842 Runabout is living in Flint District Cherokee Nation West.  He filed a claim for loss of nine acres of corn stolen by a white man back in the old Nation in the fall of 1835.  The white man had made a false claim against Runabout in order to attempt to justify the theft.  This was a common practice at that time and aided the white invaders in more swiftly driving the Indians off their lands.  Kulsti Muskrat was witness to Runabout claim and lived a close neighbor to him in the old nation at Chattooga Valley, present day Alabama.

                          Oct 14th 1836 his Spring Creek place appraised at $207 including a 15' by 16' cabin, 1/2 acre enclosed yard, 14' by 12' stable, a field of 5 3/4 acres and one of 4 acres both well fenced, another cabin 13' by 13', and a 20' deep well.

                          According to Civil War records, Alexander had a dark complexion, with grey eyes and black hair.  He stood 5' 6" tall and he was listed as a farmer.


    Scraper married (2) BEF 1818 in Cherokee Nation East, Tiania Smith, b. ABT 1790 in Cherokee Nation East, (daughter of Cabin Smith and Jennie) d. BEF 1851 in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Tiania’s Cherokee name was Tayanee, also written, Dar-ya-ni. (Dinah-Dianey-Tiana)    More about Tiana’s father, Cabin Smith (Cabin Smith Report)

         Tiania was referred to as a Cherokee Princess of the Paint Clan.  The title, Princess, was bestowed upon her by the white people, because she was the daughter of a chief.   The Cherokee did not have Royalty, and did not use titles of that kind.

         Tiania and family came across the Trail of Tears, 1838-39.  They were believed to have been in the Richard Taylor detachment. Tiania Scraper had her daughter and 4 sons along with her on the trail, Sally, George, Archibald, Otter, and Charlie.   George was married and had his wife & son along with him  (Willis, George's first born son, did not survive the Trail of Tears).  Archibald was about 17 years old and was a scout on the trail.  They arrived in March 1839, at the old Baptist Mission on Spring Creek.

         According to family history, Tiana and the Scraper family began life in the new territory by building a cabin, planting crops, and setting out to make this new land their home.  They settled in a beautiful hollow about 15 miles east of Tahlequah and about 7 miles southwest of the new Baptist Mission.  Before long the crowded conditions in the cabin prompted the Scrapers to build a larger cabin, this one of the 'dog trot'style, the two sections being separated by a porch in the middle.

         By 1851 Tiana was believed to have passed away, but her family continued to prosper and each of her children had built separate cabins for themselves all within a mile or two of each other there in what had come to be known as 'Scraper Hollow'.

         George and his wife Louisa had six children by this time and stayed in Scraper Hollow until the mid 1860's when they moved to Cooweescoowee District and settled along the Verdigris River.  Later they moved to Vinita where George was a Cherokee Nation District Judge for many years.  Scraper Street in Vinita is named after George.            

       Archie had married Nellie McIntosh and had two daughters by 1851.  Nellie was a half-sister to George's wife Louisa and probably came on the Trail of Tears with her sister and the Scrapers.  Archie built a cabin above the big spring (Scraper Spring) about a mile north of the original Scraper cabin near the Scraper Cemetery, and it was here that his children were born and raised.  He later built a large 2-story log house across the road to the west.  This 2-story house was where Archie took his friend Zeke Proctor to nurse wounds from the shoot-out at the Whitmire Schoolhouse.  The house was riddled with bullets from the fight that broke out when marshals came looking for Zeke.   Zeke had slipped out the back and escaped.  Archie bought Zeke as much time as he could before surrendering so that his family, who were in the house, would not be harmed.  Archie & Ellis Foreman were arrested and taken to Ft. Smith.

         According to the Drennen Roll of 1851, Otter Scraper & his father 'Deesugawskee' or 'The Scraper', were living in the same residence in Goingsnake District at the time.   Family legend suggests that Deesugawskee may have come to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears with another wife (other than Tiana) & family and settled in Delaware District.  Possibly he stayed with his son Otter in Scraper Hollow part of the time and stayed with family in Delaware District or elsewhere at other times.  Otter later married Sallie Fishinghawk, had a couple of children, and moved to the Wauhillau area.  His daughter Jennie was a wife of the famous Cherokee Ned Christie.

         Little is known about Charley Scraper.  After leaving Scraper Hollow he moved 9 or 10 miles west to the Welling area where he lived out the remainder of his life.   He refused to sign the Dawes roll, because he understood all too well that it was another attempt by the white establishment to steal land and rights from the Indians (a neighbor signed him up anyway).  He was assigned an allotment of land several miles away on the far side of Tahlequah, but may have never seen it as he died a year or two later.  Howard Walkingstick recalled hearing of Uncle Charley, that he was a good, kind man, and that apparently he had never married.

         Sallie Scraper married Watie Cummings(also known as Coming Weight).  By 1851 they had 3 children and were living in Scraper Hollow.  She died during the Civil War.



                 iv.  Ice Scraper, d. in as a young child.

         4.     v.   George Washington Scraper b. 13 Dec 1818.

         5.     vi.  Archibald Scraper b. 1820.

         6.     vii.  Otter (William C.) Scraper b. ABT 1832.

                 viii. Charley Scraper, b. about Nov 1834 in Cherokee Nation East, d. 21 Nov 1911 in near Tahlequah, buried in Manus Cemetery, near Welling, Cherokee Co., Okla.  His Cherokee name was Wah-hoo-kah (Owl).  Charley moved from Scraper Hollow a few miles west to Welling where his cousin John Smith and family lived.  John was the grandson of Charley's Uncle Smoke Smith.  When Charley passed away, it was John who handled the burial arrangements and had a headstone placed to mark Charley's final resting place.

                             On the 1900 census Charley shows up in the household of his niece, Jennie (daughter of Otter Scraper).

                             Listings of his birthdate vary considerably.  The 1900 census shows Jan 1820.  His Miller Roll application shows about 1834.  On the Dawes Final Roll Charley is listed as 71 years old.   More about Charley Scraper (his Guion Miller Roll application)

         7.     ix.  Sallie Scraper  b. about 1835.


       According to some family members, Dee-su-gaw-skee Scraper who married Chic-yoo-she is the same man who married Tiana Smith, although I have not been able to confirm this via written records, I will at this time list him as such.   Uncle Charlie Scraper lists his half brothers (Oo-le-nah-we Scraper, Runabout Scraper, & Wilson Scraper), on his Miller roll application, but does not mention the children of  Dee-su-gaw-skee & Chic-yoo-she as being half siblings.     As for the children of Chic-Yoo-She and  'Dee-su-gaw-skee',  Aunt Marge used to have more information showing the relationship between these Scraper families & us, but it is gone with her passing, and the loss of her notes when fire took their home. ( JSJr )


    Scraper married (3) after 1818, Chic-yoo-she, b. in Cherokee Nation East, d. about 1860.


                 x.   Ned Scraper.

                 xi.  Nick Scraper.

         8.     xii.  Lewis (Te-Su-Gan-Ske) Scraper.

                 xiii. Dave Scraper.

                 xiv. George Scraper, d. 20 Sep 1862 in Battle of Spring River, Missouri, military in Enlisted at Five Mile Creek June 16, 1862, Captain, Co. H, 2nd Indian Home Guards. 

         9.     xv.  Salley Scraper b. OCT 1837.



Generation Two


2.  Oo-le-nah-wee2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. in Cherokee  Nation  East, Tenn., d. about 1846.  Oo-le-nah-we translates to 'Turtle', or more precisely ‘Soft Shell Turtle’.

    He immigrated with his family from Cherokee Nation East to Indian Territory during the spring of 1837 under the direction of Cherokee removal superintendant Nathaniel Smith.  They traveled by boat (the Steamer Newark) and traveled by train part way when the river was too low for boat traffic near Decatur, Alabama.

       He married Susannah __________, b. ABT 1810 in Cherokee  Nation  East, d. OCT 1883.  Susannah: Cherokee name is Ar-ly.


                 i.    Da-gar-le-ga3 Scraper.

                 ii.   Da-le-ges-ke Scraper.

                 iii.   Gar-no-ske-ske Scraper.  Gar-no-ske-ske translates to 'Stealer'.

         10.    iv.  Jennie Scraper b. ABT 1834.

         11.    v.   Betsey Scraper b. ABT 1844.


3.  Wilson2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. in Cherokee Nation East, North Carolina, d. ABT 1853.

    He married Lydia John, b. in Cherokee Nation East, (daughter of John Negoll and __________) d. OCT 1898.


                 i.    Jennie3 Wilson.

                 ii.   Yute-dee-nah Wilson.

         12.    iii.   Runabout Wilson b. 1848.

                 iv.  Lucy Wilson, b. 1854.

                    She married Caleb Birdchopper, b. ABT 1859.  Caleb was a grandson of Katie Sanders and a grandnephew of Clinton & James Sanders.


4.  George Washington2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 13 Dec 1818 in Cherokee Nation East, near the Chattooga River, d. 5 Oct 1899 in Rowe's Prairie, I.T., 20 miles east of Pryor Creek, at the home of his daughter, Eliza Rowe.   Military- Captain Company K, Aug. 1861.  Captain Company G , Dec. 1861.  On about Dec. 8th 1861, George was a member of a peace delegation from Drew,s regiment.  That night they switched to the Union side, at Opothleyahola's camp, along with 600 other Cherokee.  Cherokee name was Too-wa-d-gus-nah-ge (Blackhawk).  Also called Oonaguchey or Oo-ne-goo-sti-gi.

         George was a wagoner on the 'Trail of tears'.   He was in charge of 2 teams and was paid $5.00 per day, per team, or a total of $1440 for 144 days on the trail. (Richard Taylor detachment)

         George was the Sheriff of GoingSnake District, 1841 & 1843, he posted bond as Sheriff in Oct 1843 with Thomas Foreman and Wahache as security.

    He was a Senator in 1849.  He was a Delegate to Washington representing the Cherokee People, 1864 & 1870.  He lived in GoingSnake District and moved from there to Coo-wee-scoo-wee District.  In 1876 George was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation.  He was a Judge of Saline district in 1881.

        George was a Judge in Vinita, Okla. for many years.  Scraper Street in Vinita is named after George.

    He was elected councilor of the Cherokee Nation for GoingSnake District, 1855, 1857, & 1859-60.


    Cherokee Advocate   February 15, 1886

     Vinita, Indian Territory

    Hon. George W Scraper who has been very feeble this winter, has been very low for several days past; talking into consideration his advanced age, not much hope is entertained of his recovery.


    Name: George W. Scraper

    Regiment State/Origin: Confederate Troops

    Regiment Name: 1 Cherokee Mounted Rifles.

    Regiment Name Expanded: 1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, CSA

    Company: G      Rank In: Captain       Rank Out: Captain       Film Number: M818 roll 21


    Name: George W. Scraper

    Side: Union

    Regiment Name: 2 Indian Home Guards, Kans. Inf.

    Regiment Name Expanded: 2nd Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry

    Company: D       Rank In: First Sergeant        Rank Out: 1 Serg't. Film Number: M1290 roll 31


    Claim filed by George W. Scraper:

    Note that this Civil War claim shows some of the battles he was involved in.  Also the claim indicates that he suffered severe losses at his home, which was in Scraper Hollow during the war.

    1 mule saddle & bridle by Rebs in 1863                               $125.00

    1 sorrel horse lost on Fourteen Mile Creek Battle                    85.00

    1 sorrel horse taken at Bird Creek  Dec 1861                           75.00

    1 bay pony stolen by Feds at Ft. Gibson in 1863                      50.00

    1 iron grey horse by Feds at Ft. Gibson in 1863                     125.00

    1 clay bank horse took by Rebs from home                              85.00

    1 bay mare took by Rebs from home                                       125.00

    1 iron grey horse took by Rebs from home                             100.00

    1 bay horse saddle & bridle -                                                     85.00

        lost by son Wm.   in the Bird Battle  Dec 1861

    1 bay pony took by Rebs in 1862                                              60.00

    Feb. 19, 1862 for 251 1/4 bushel corn                                     251.25

                              at 1.00 per bushel   rebs 1862

          "               78 bundles of fodder @ 2 ct.         1.56

                                                                                      Total     $1167.81

                                                Witnesses: Thos Sanders & Jas Foster

    Original in the 'Cherokee Papers' at the Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Okla.


       He married Feb 1834 in Cherokee Nation east, (Wills Valley, Alabama, Albany Missionary Station,  by William Chamberlain), Louisa McIntosh, b. 21 Mar 1817 in Cherokee Nation East (Alabama), (daughter of Martin McIntosh and Jennie ___________) d. 14 Jan 1895 in Vinita, I.T., buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.  Louisa’s Cherokee name was Nu-goo-di-yi or Nee-goo-di-yi.   Louisa & George strongly adhered to the ancient Cherokee tradition of never turning away anyone in need.  No matter how difficult times were or how little food or money was on hand, homeless children could always find shelter at the Scraper house.  Despite having many children of their own to feed and care for, Louisa and her husband were known to have taken in and raised as their own upwards of 12 orphan children.

                     Vinita Indian Chieftain, Thursday Jan 17th 1895--

            Two lives that for sixty years have been all in all to each other were separated Monday to meet no more until the dawn of eternity.  Mrs. George Scraper, wife of Judge George Scraper, died the night of the 14th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Clark, in this city.  Deceased was eighty-one years of age; the immediate cause of her death was Bright's disease.  The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon.  Mrs. Clark wishes to acknowledge the graditude of herself and family towards the few friends and neighbors who visited them in their recent days of sadness, tendering words of sympathy and consolation, and performing acts of kindness and love.

       More about George W. Scraper

                    Children of George & Louisa:

                 i.    Willis3 Scraper, b. 5 Mar 1835 in near Scraper Mountain, Cherokee Nation East, d. SEP 1838 in -on Trail of Tears-, buried on the East bank of the Mississippi river, along the Trail of Tears.  Cherokee name was Too-ward-gus-na-gi.

                 ii.   William M. Scraper, b. 25 Dec 1838 in on the " Trail of Tears ", d. 13 Sep 1864 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, I. T., military 4 Oct 1861 in Enrolled , Ft. Gibson, Capt. George W. Scraper's Co., 1st Regt., Cherokee Mounted Riflemen., buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake Dist, I. T.  Cherokee name was Oo-na-olar-lar.  His middle name was probably McIntosh or Martin after his grandpa and mother's maiden name.

                         Affidavit of Fox Mouse & Wash Swimmer dated Oct 1892 (George W. Scraper pension file):

                    We acquainted with William M. Scraper. We belong the 2nd Reg Indian HomeGuards.  On the 16th day of July 1863 we were ordered from Ft. Gibson to Honey Springs I. T. (near Muskogee?)   We marched all day and all that night.  About daylight we was called to halt, and William Scraper lay down on the ground and when he got up he said he had a pain in his side.  Got worse and applied for furlough.  It was granted.   Went home.  The disease grew worse and worse, settled on his lungs and on about 18th September 1864 he died of consumption at home Goingsnake District Cherokee Nation.

         13.    iii.   Henry Harrison Scraper b. 5 May 1841.

         14.    iv.  Flora Jane Scraper b. 2 Dec 1843.

         15.    v.   Lydia Ann Scraper b. 23 Apr 1846.

         16.    vi.  Joseph M. Scraper b. 6 Oct 1848.

                 vii.  Martin M. Scraper, b. 26 Feb 1851 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, d. 2 Apr 1872.  His fullname was probably Martin McIntosh Scraper after his mother's father.

                 viii. John Scraper, b. 28 Mar 1853 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, d. 15 Feb 1872.

         17.    ix.  Delilah S. Scraper b. 28 Sep 1855.

         18.    x.   Elizabeth "Eliza" Ellen Scraper b. 4 Aug 1859.

         19.    xi.  Susannah F. Scraper b. 6 Sep 1861.


5.  Archibald2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1820 - 1824 in Cherokee Nation East (Alabama), d. 13 May 1904 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.;  Military- Lieutenant Archibald Scraper was captured on 7-15-1862 along with Chief John Ross, his brothers Lewis  & William Ross, & others.  They (and 200 other Cherokee) switched to the Union side; they became the 3rd Kansas Indian Home Guard Regiment.

      Arch and his brother George enlisted Oct 1861 in Co. G, 1st Regt, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, for 12 months.  He was Captain of Co. D, 2nd Indian Home Guard regiment, Union Army.  At one time Arch had 1000 men under his command.  He was involved in the battle at Cabin Creek (near Vinita) fall of 1864 & the Battle of Bentonville, AR.  He mustered out at Ft Gibson on 5-31-1865. 

    He was buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.      

       Joseph Little, the father of Archie's last wife, Mary Ross Little, wanted Archie and Mary's first son, Frank (Joseph Franklin), to be named Benjamin Archibald Scraper after his father.  This may imply that Archie's full name was Benjamin Archibald Scraper.

         Cherokee name is  Archikilli (or Ah-le-jah-gi-li)  Dee-Su-Gaw-Skee (often seen spelled in various ways). Arch was known to have had 5 different wives.

         During the Civil War, a battle was fought about 3 miles southeast of present day Welling, Okla.  A group of Home Guards routed a small detachment of Confederate Scouts who were stealing everything that they could carry away.  According to Captain Arch Scraper, a few men were killed in the skirmish.  The confederates were driven out of Cherokee Country. (Indian Pioneer History, Vol 103, Louis Taylor interview)

         Archibald spent most of his life in service to the Cherokee People. He went to Washington as a delegate representing the Cherokee Nation in1865, 1867, 1868, & 1869.  Arch was a Senator of the Cherokee Nation (GoingSnake District ) in 1869-70.  He was elected President of the Senate those same years.  For the years 1867 & 1873 Archibald was a Council Member of the Cherokee Legislature representing GoingSnake District.  Senators & Councilors were generally paid $3 a day for their services.  In 1867 & 1868 he was Speaker pro tem of the National Council Cherokee Nation and he was Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation in 1877.

         After the Civil War, the Cherokees called a meeting at Old Tom Fourkiller's place on Evansville Creek.  The purpose of this meeting was to get re-acquainted & make friends among themselves, that is, the Cherokee people of Goingsnake District.  There were thousands in attendance, Arch Scraper, a captain in the Union Army, was the speaker for the Federal Cherokees.  William Penn Adair, spoke for the South.

         From a handwritten history of George W. Whitmire by Georgia Colvin, 8-10-1960:  " It was not until after the Civil War on 12-10-1869, that the Whitmire School was established on the Whitmire Plantation (it was the little log school house where the Proctor fight occurred in 1872.)  The first men to serve on the new school board were George Whitmire, Arch Scraper, and Gideon Morgan with Mrs. Nan Duncan nee Starr as teacher."

         The Goingsnake Massacre occurred on April 15th 1872.  Arch Scraper sensing trouble, used his authority as Director of Public Schools to order the trial of Zeke Proctor moved from the Goingsnake Courthouse to the Whitmire School house.  Archie thought that the Schoolhouse, which was about 16 or 18 feet square and had only two windows on each side, would be safer than the more open courthouse.   More on this incident

         During the Ezekiel Proctor incident referred to in the preceding note, Arch was foreman of the jury.  A posse of marshals and Beck family members rode up during the trial and began shooting.  Men were killed & wounded on both sides.  Arch Scraper & Ellis Foreman (a juror who sustained a shoulder wound in the fight) were arrested and taken to Ft. Smith for trial.  Archie was ironed and otherwise abused.  They gave bail & the trial was put off.  After investigation, the case was dismissed. This massacre still rates as the highest death toll for U.S. Marshals during one incident in United States history.

         According to family history, Archibald was called upon at times to be an Indian Marshal. (The Indian Marshals were appointed by the Chief and were based in Tahlequah, rather than Fort Smith like the Marshals appointed by Judge Parker) Supposedly, the town, Corbin, Okla. was renamed Scraper, Okla. in honor of Archibald Scraper, after he had cleaned up the town, and gotten rid of all of the outlaws.  After three Marshals or Sheriffs were sent in and did not come out, Scraper was called upon to see what could be done.  He decided to handle the problem in a different manner than the previous three.   Marshall Scraper would camp outside the town until a small party of them would come out to get supplies.  He would capture them and take them to jail, and then return to wait for more of them to come out.  Arch realized that if he went into the town, the outlaws would gang up on him, and being greatly outnumbered, he wouldn't make it out alive. (from oral history passed down to Manford Jr. Scraper from a Mr. West who had grown up in the vicinity of the old Scraper settlement))

         It seems that when a new road went in, it bypassed the old town of Scraper, Indian Territory, which was on the Illinois river about 2 miles southeast of where the current Scraper General Store on Highway 10 is located.   The settlement gradually faded away with time.  When a Post Office was later established in the area, it was named Scraper Post Office in honor of Captain Archibald Scraper.  It was at the old General Store and Gristmill, which were located approximately 100 yards south of the current General Store (1999).  Although the Post Office, the gristmill, and the Scraper School (Walnut School), are no longer there, the area is still known as Scraper today.

         Imagine the fear and respect the outlaws would have had for Marshal Arch Scraper, when word spread that he had shot and killed his own son, Calvin, who was a known outlaw.(see notes for Calvin Scraper). (The stories of Archie being a lawman are passed down to us through several sources, although some say he was a US Marshall, others say Territorial Marshall, and still others say he was a Sheriff )

         Max Scraper tells me that the Old Timers told him that Archibald was a Scout on the 'Trail of Tears'.  He would range out ahead and search for possible dangers in the trail ahead.

         As an old man, Arch was known to occasionally go to Westville, I.T., he would take a silver & or gold coin with him and sit on the street corner.  People would approach him offering to trade or barter, to exchange their wares for his coin.  This story handed down through family members states that Archie would only respond to these traders with a grunt.  When they offered an item, or items, that he wanted, for a price he was willing to pay, he agreed to the deal with a grunt or two.  Certainly his ability to speak the Cherokee language was undebatable, as he was very active in Cherokee Nation politics, including, President of the Senate in 1869-70, and Speaker pro tem of the National Council in1867-68.  We assume his command of the English language was good, since he was said to have attended Dartmouth College back east, and one of his wives was an English speaking white woman (Elizabeth Bell) whom he met in Washington D.C.    ' Yes- No- Maybe- Not a Chance'  a lot can be said with a few grunts....  but why Archie negotiated this way is unknown, maybe he was able to get better deals in this manner.(from oral history passed down to Manford Scraper Jr.)

         On May 13th at his home in Goingsnake District Arch Scraper one of the oldest and most prominent fullbloods passed away in the 88th year of his age.  Mr. Scraper was prominent in politics for over 40 years.  He was a delegate to Washington several years in succession.  He was Supreme Judge, serving in both branches of Council.  Mr. Scraper was one of the old time Cherokee that removed to this country from beyond the Mississippi, and we doubt if there is a half dozen now living.  (believed to be from a Tahlequah newspaper- May 21st 1904).


    He married (1) AFT 1838, Malinda McIntosh, b. in Cherokee Nation East, (daughter of Martin McIntosh and Nancy Tail) d. ABT 1866 in Cherokee Nation West, buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Malinda's sister Louisa married Archibald's brother George.

    Malinda's Indian name was Alie or Nelly.

    Malinda had a half brother named Calvin McIntosh, and uncles named James and William McIntosh.



         20.    i.    Elizabeth 'Betsy'3 Scraper b. about 1848.

         21.    ii.   Nancy Scraper b. about May 1848.

         22.    iii.   Archilla Scraper b. 1856.

         23.    iv.  Annie Scraper b. 2 Oct 1858.

         24.    v.   Louisa Scraper b. about 1860.

         25.    vi.  Calvin Scraper b. 1861.

                 vii.  Sallie Scraper, b. about 1862 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. about 1879.  Cherokee name was Ka-ho-ga.

         26.    viii. Albert Scraper b. 22 Mar 1866.


    He married (2) AFT 1865 in Washington City, Elizabeth Bell, b. ABT 1850, d. in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Elizabeth: The name Asabella Scraper shows up on the 1870 Cherokee Census for GoingSnake District as a white citizen of the Nation.  This could be another name for Arch's white wife.


    He married (3) ABT 1879 in Goingsnake District by Rev. A.L. Lacey, /__________ /.


    He married (4) ABT 1888, Sarah Crist, b. ABT 1873.  Sarah: Of the Chewey family, Sarah may have married a Mr Smith after she and Archie dissolved their marriage.


    He married (5) 29 Mar 1898 in Baron, Indian  Terr. -- Christie, Okla., Mary Ross Little, b. 11 Jan 1883 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, d. 25 Aug 1965 in Mulvane, KS, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit, KS.  Mary:      Mary is believed to be the first of her siblings to be born in Cherokee Nation West - Indian Territory.  Her older siblings were born in Tennessee before the family migrated west.  An old legend stated that Mary was born on the trail from Tennessee to Cherokee Nation West, but the dates don't add up, unless the family, after having moved to Cherokee Nation in about 1881, journeyed back to briefly visit family in Tennessee, with Mary possibly being born on the road during such a journey.  The Pension record of Mary's father gives an address in January of 1884 as Flint District, Cherokee Nation.  Indicating that the family was still living with family west of Stilwell at the time of Mary's birth, although shortly thereafter they are believed to haved moved a few miles north to Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District.

         After Mary's first husband Arch Scraper passed away, she married William Vanbeber and left Scraper Hollow.  The family lived in Chouteau, Okla, Strang, Okla. and Pryor, Okla. before moving to Galena, KS,  Ft. Scott, KS, and then, in 1915, they moved to Asherville, KS.  The family moved from place to place as Billy's job with the railroad required.  The railroad dismissed him when he was close to retirement.  Shortly before this, he had broken his hip when he slipped while loading watermelons onto his truck.  He had a truck farm (near Asherville, KS) where he raised watermelons, cantaloupes, and sweet potatoes.

    -----A story about Joseph Little, Mary's father.  as told by Uncle Manford Scraper Jr.-----

      Archibald Scraper came to Joseph's rescue, possibly during the Civil War, as a token of his appreciation, Joseph Little promised to give Archibald one of his daughters to wed.  An interesting point: Mary was not even born yet at this time.  Arch had to wait for Mary to be born, and then to reach proper age for marriage.  I'm sure glad it worked out!

         Joe Little and family lived up the hill above the big spring (Scraper Spring) from Archibald.  Arch would have seen the children from time to time as they grew up, especially when they were sent to bring water from the spring, gather firewood, or other chores.   Aunt Kae (Mary Kae Scraper Zerofski) adds to her brother Manford's story---- Aunt Julia told me that when she and Mary were young ladies they would sometimes come upon Arch Scraper going the opposite direction on the walking path or wagon road in Scraper Hollow.  Julia said that her & Mary would giggle as young ladies do because Arch was such a charming and handsome man.  Later when Arch & Mary were married, it was an arranged marriage.

         Mary was a crack shot with a gun.  Aunt Marie recalled hearing of a time when her mother shot a turkey in the head..... while it was running, so they would have some meat for the table.   Mary carried a small pistol for protection, a' hidy-out gun.'  This was the same gun she used when she shot the turkey.  Mary's son, Manford, decided to check the accuracy of his mother's gun one time.  He drove a large nail part way into a post.  Then he backed off a few paces and took aim and fired.  His shot had driven the nail all the way into the post.  "Yes sir, it shoots true alright", he said.

         Max Scraper remembers that when Grandma Mary got very upset with the boys (when they were playing a little too rough with the young ones, or getting a bit rowdy), she would scold them in Indian rather than English.


         27.    ix.  Frank (Joseph Franklin) Scraper b. 18 May 1899.

         28.    x.   Manford Noah Scraper b. 20 Jul 1903.


6.  Otter (William C.)2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1832 in Cherokee Nation East, d. AUG 1896, military in Corporal Co G 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles Confederate Army, 11-5-1861.  Cherokee name was Che-yah.  He lived in GoingSnake District, first in Scraper Hollow in the same cabin with his father, later moving to Wauhilla across the road from Watt & Ned Christie.    More about Otter Scraper

    Otter was a Councilman & Interpreter for the Cherokee National Council in1863.

       He married Sah-kin-ney (Sallie) Kingfisher, d. SEP 1888.  Sah-kin-ney, also written Sah-le-ke-ne.


                 i.    Charley3 Che-yah.

         29.    ii.   Jennie Scraper b. 1862.


7.  Sallie2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1835 in Cherokee  Nation East, d. ABT 1864.  Cherokee name was Ca-ho-gah.

    She married Watie Cummings, b. in Cherokee Nation East, d. ABT 1854.  Watie’s Cherokee name was Der-na-e.


                 i.    John3 Cummings, b. ABT 1849.

                 ii.   Gah-le-ke-ne Cummings, b. ABT 1850.  Name was sometimes written Sah-le-ke-ne.  Gah-le-ke-ne = Buck.

                 iii.   Eliza Cummings, b. ABT 1851.

                    She married Duck Jackson.

                         Child:  i. Kizzie Duck b. Nov 1867, m. Taylor Vann son of Ne-qua-la-gi  &  Peggie Locut.

                                       Child:  i. Maggie Vann b. Feb 4, 1903, d. Dec 1971. m. George Lesley Webster

                    She married ________ McLemore.

                 iv.  Jennie Cummings, b. ABT 1853.

         30.    v.   Wilson Cummings b. ABT 1854.


8.  Lewis (Te-Su-Gan-Ske)2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. in Cherokee Nation East, d. 4 Mar 1863 in Civil War, Cincinnati, Arkansas.  Military- Private, Co. H, 2nd Indian Home Guards.  Lewis died during the Civil War near Cincinnati, Arkansas of a gunshot wound while on duty.  His scouting party was riding hard hoping to surprise some bushwhackers.  A gun belonging to one of their party accidentally discharged hitting Lewis in the back of the head.  He died instantly and was buried by his brother David and other members of the company. (testimony of Adam Russell, James Muskrat, William Hawk, and Falling Buzzard-Co. H, 2nd Indian Home Guard)

    Lewis was in Company H with his brothers.  The youngest brother, Capt George Scraper, was killed in action at the Battle of Spring River, Missouri.  David Scraper died near the close of the war on Cheasles River, Cherokee Nation.  Nicholas Scraper died in the winter of 1862-63 at Elis Spring, Arkansas.

       He married ABT 1849, Nancy (Na-Ke) Christy, b. in Cherokee  Nation East, (daughter of Johnson Christy and Jennie ________) d. 1902.


                 i.    Che-nar-se3 Scraper, b. 1849, d. 1854.

                 ii.   John Scraper, d. in infancy.

         31.    iii.   Henry Scraper b. FEB 1853.

         32.    iv.  Tom Scraper b. SEP 1855.

         33.    v.   Nellie Scraper b. MAR 1857.

                 vi.  Chi-coo-ee Scraper, d. in infancy.

                 vii.  Nancy Scraper, b. 1863, d. 1864.


9.  Salley2 Scraper, (Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. OCT 1837 in Cherokee Nation East, d. 9 Jan 1925 in Okla.

    She married (1) BEF 1857, Jackson 'Rabbit' England, b. BEF 1838 in Cherokee Nation East, (son of David England and Ceily) d. 1881.  Jackson’s Cherokee name was Gee-stoo On-ga-shah.


         34.    i.    Washington3 England b. ABT 1857.

         35.    ii.   John W. England b. 22 Sep 1860.

         36.    iii.   Katie England b. 1862.

         37.    iv.  Fannie England b. 1 Aug 1864.

         38.    v.   Manda England b. 1866.

                 vi.  Martin England, b. 30 Apr 1867 in Honey Creek, near Southwest City, MO, d. 1947, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.

    She married (2) 1886, Roland Squires.



Generation Three


10.  Jennie3 Scraper, (Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1834 in Cherokee Nation East, Georgia, d. 1865.  Cherokee name was Ge-ne  De-soo-go-ski (Jennie Scraper).  She was also sometimes called Jinney Oo-lin-ni-weh (Jenny Softshell Turtle).

     She married Jack Bunch, b. ABT 1830 in Cherokee Nation East, (son of Oo-sah-na-le and So-ke-ne) d. ABT 1865 in During the Civil War.  Jack: Cherokee name is Ja-gy   Oo-sar-nar-le.


         39.    i.    Jennie4 Bunch b. ABT 1852.

         40.    ii.   Jug Bunch b. ABT 1858.

         41.    iii.   Alex Bunch b. 1860.


11.  Betsey3 Scraper, (Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1844 in Flint District, I .T., d. 15 Jan 1917, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.  Cherokee name was Gwa-sdy, also Che-law-nah-che, also Che-la-nuh-cha.

     She married John Justice, b. 1839, (son of Ga-nuh-li and Ailsey Frog) d. 1900, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.  John’s Cherokee name was Ton-tas-ki   Ga-luh-li, also Tuh-nuh-de-ski.


         42.    i.    Arch4 Justice.

                 ii.   John Jr Justice, d. ABT 1904, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

                 iii.   Johnson Justice, d. BEF 1906.

         43.    iv.  Mollie Justice b. 5 Feb 1884.

         44.    v.   Ollie Justice b. ABT 1886.

                 vi.  Mary Justice, b. 1888, d. ABT 1911, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.


12.  Runabout3 Wilson, (Wilson2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1848 in Illinois District, I.T.  Cherokee name is Ot-glee-tah.

     He married Jennie Dreadfulwater, b. 1850 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation West, (daughter of __________ and Peggy Quinton). Jennie: Also called Jennie Thornton.


                 i.    Nancy4 Wilson.

                    She married __________ Osage.

         45.    ii.   Ned Wilson b. 1879.

                 iii.   Maggie Wilson, b. 1885.

                    She married _________ Butler.

                 iv.  Annie Wilson, b. 1888.

                    She married ___________ Potts.


13.  Henry Harrison3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 May 1841 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, d. 18 Apr 1871.  Military- 4 Oct 1861 enrolled , Ft. Gibson, Capt. George W. Scraper's Co., 1st Regt., Cherokee Mounted Riflemen.  Corporal, Co. G., 1st Arkansas Cherokee Mounted Rifles.

      Buried in Lynch's Prairie Cemetery, near Strang, OK.  Henry's Cherokee name was Nur-nor-dur-hi.

               Report of Maj. Moses B. C. Wright, Second Home Guard.


     Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, February 27, 1864.

     LIEUTENANT: I have the honor to report that, in obedience to instructions from your headquarters, dated January 27, 1864, I proceeded to Cane Hill and Rhea's Mills, Ark., arriving there on the 29th, for the purpose of supplying the command with flour and foraging the stock.  I found soon after arriving there that  Captain Buchanan with part of his company of guerrillas had crossed the Arkansas from below and was then in the mountains near Cane Hill, but was unable to get any definite information of his whereabouts, until on the night of the 8th of February he dashed into the command at Rhea's Mills and wounded 2 men.  The next morning a party was started in pursuit, who, after following them through the mountains all day, came upon them, when a skirmish ensued, which resulted in killing 3 of the rebels and slightly wounding their captain.  After this affair they remained very quiet, concealed in the mountains, until on the night of the 20th instant they came in near Cane Hill, and stole a Government horse out of the corral.  Upon making this discovery, I started Sergt. Henry Scraper, in command of a party, in pursuit, who, after following them over the mountains about 15 miles, overtook them on the side of a steep bluff, where they had halted to rest their stock.  Scraper halted and formed his men, when he charged them, completely routing them, killing Captain Buchanan and 3 of his men, besides capturing their horses, arms, saddles, bridles, blankets, clothing, & c.  I captured altogether 8 horses, 3 Enfield rifles, 2 Mississippi rifles, 1 Sharps carbine, and 2 Colt navy revolvers, together with the saddles, bridles, & c., above mentioned.  On Thursday, the 25th instant, I received orders to turn over my command to Maj. Charles Willetts, Fourteenth Kansas Cavalry, and report in person to your headquarters, where I arrived yesterday after an absence of thirty days.

        I have the honor to remain, lieutenant, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


                                          M. B. C. Wright,

                                                                 Major Second Indian Regiment, Comdg. Detachment.


              Aclg. Asst. Adjt. Gen., First Brigade.


               Henry H. Scraper Civil War Claim

     1 new waggon, harness, sheet taken by rebs at Cabin Creek fight in 1864   $460

     1 sorrel mare during the war near Tahlequah in 1862                                       60

     1 mule, saddle & bridle, lost in the Bird Creek Battle in 1861                        100

     1 bay mule stolen by fed while in camp at Rhea's Mills in 1863                       80

     $300 in greenbacks taken by rebs when they captured

      the U. S. Train at Cabin Creek in 1864

     1 saddle                                   do                      do                                              30

     2 boxes tobacco                      do                             do                                      150

     witness  Thomas Sanders,   Jas Foster.


     Henry married Narcissa Jane Duncan, b. ABT 1838, buried in Lynch's Prairie Cemetery, near Strang, OK.


                 i.    Alice4 Scraper, b. ABT 1869, d. 1871.

         46.    ii.   Henrietta 'Etta Jane' Scraper b. 24 Nov 1871.


14.  Flora Jane3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 2 Dec 1843 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 6 Mar 1871.  Cherokee name was Ka-hi-dar-hi.

     She married 17 Jan 1866, William Young Henry Foreman, b. 26 Jul 1836 in Cherokee Nation East, (son of Joseph Anthony Foreman and Narcissa Reeves Carey) d. 8 Sep 1901, military in Civil War, Company E, 3rd Lt. Cherokee Mounted Rifles.


         47.    i.    Luella Emma4 Foreman b. 28 Sep 1868.


15.  Lydia Ann3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Apr 1846 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 9 Jan 1920 in Vinita, Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.  Cherokee name was Li-di. Lydia married George Clark, George's sister, Ellen Clark married Lydia's brother, Joseph M. Scraper.

        She married 8 Jun 1865, George Washington Clark, b. 18 Mar 1843 in Delaware District, I.T., d. 30 Dec 1914 in Vinita, Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.   George was a Private assigned to Company E, Third Indian Home Guard Regiment of the Confederate Army.  He later switched to Union side.  He was Judge of the Circuit Court, Northern District, Cherokee Nation, for terms of 1879 and 1883.

     Cattle brand was 7C.  Range on Pryor Creek.

             George W. Clark was one of the early day cattlemen, and owned a big cattle ranch five miles northwest of Adair.  He was a white man, and married Lydia Ann Scraper, and to this union a large family of children were born.  George had the name of having more cattle on his ranch that were paid for than any other cattleman in this part of the Territory.  He moved to Vinita in the early 90's and built a fine home, where he lived until the time of his death.  He served for a number of years as vice president of the First National Bank of Vinita.  He was one of the country's most substantial citizens.  His wife was a great church worker and was a pillar in the Methodist church, of Vinita.

     (From: James R. Carselowey - Indian Pioneer History Papers page 450) *George was not entirely white, his great-grandmother was half Cherokee(Catherine McDaniel Ward).

        The Cherokee Stockman's Protective and Detective Association was formed to assist cattlemen and put an end to rustling.  The association was organized Sept 3, 1884, at Vinita with G. W. Clark as the first president.  (Vinita, I. T.  The Story of a Frontier Town of the Cherokee Nation by O. B. Campbell)


     Judge George W. Clark Dead - Vinita paper Jan 1, 1915

          George W. Clark Sr., died at his home in this city Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, after lingering illness.  Deceased was a native of the old Cherokee Nation and was one of the best known men in this section of the state.  He was always industrious, progressive, a large property holder and was always found in the front ranks of the countrys development.  He served for several years as a Cherokee Judge when the Indians maintained their own local government.  Deceased was born March 1843 near Maysville, Ark., and was in his74th year.  He married June 8, 1865, to Miss Lydia A. Scraper, who survives him.  The other surviving members of the family are: W. H. Clark, Mrs. Lee Barrett, Mrs. E. B. Frayser, Ross and Maday Clark, all of this city, and Mrs. J. L. Kell of Chelsea, and Geo. W. Clark Jr of Strang.  He is also survived by one brother, Wm. A. Clark of Chelsea, and three sisters, Mrs. Louisa Young of Wagoner, Mrs. Lucy Duncan of Afton, and Mrs. Ellen Taylor of Strang.   Funeral services were conducted at the home yesterday afternoon at 2:30 by Rev. Taylor, Pastor of the M. E. Church, South, after which the Masons took charge and accompanied the remains to the cemetery where the Masonic burial rites were performed in consigning the body to the ground.



                 i.    William Henry4 Clark, b. 1866.

                    He married Lillie John Flournoy, b. 5 Apr 1874 in Texas, b. 5 Apr 1874.

                 ii.   James Austin Clark, b. 17 Sep 1869, d. 29 Sep 1892.

                 iii.   Elizabeth "Lizzie" N. Clark, b. 1871, d. AFT 1914.

                    She married Lee Barritt.

         48.    iv.  Lydia Minerva Clark b. 1874.

         49.    v.   Susan Cordelia Clark b. 19 Sep 1876.

                 vi.  Joseph M. Clark, b. 1879, d. 1883, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.

                 vii.  Mary J. Clark, b. 1882.

         50.    viii. George Washington Jr. Clark b. 6 Dec 1885.

                 ix.  Ross Radcliff Clark, b. 9 Sep 1889, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.

                 x.   Eva May Clark, b. 28 Oct 1892.

                    She married __________ Flagg.


16.  Joseph M.3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Oct 1848 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 10 Mar 1884 in Vinita, Okla., buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.  Cherokee name was Tri-ni-goo-dlow-hi-dur.

        Indian Chieftain, Vinita, Indian Territory, March 13th 1884

          Mr. Joseph Scraper, whose return from California was noticed in a recent number of this paper, in failing health, we regret to state, died at the residence of his father, George W. Scraper, in Vinita, last Monday.  The family suffering under this affliction have our sincere sympathy.  Deceased was a brother of Mrs. Clark, wife of Judge G. W. Clark.

        He married ABT 1875, Ellen Clark, b. 17 Dec 1857 in Tahlequah, I.T., d. 17 Jan 1934 in Strang, Okla, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.


         51.    i.    Leona C.4 Scraper b. 17 Sep 1876.

         52.    ii.   Joanna 'Josie' Ann Scraper b. 5 Feb 1879.

                 iii.   Mamie B. Scraper, b. 15 May 1881, d. 9 Feb 1883, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.

                 iv.  Eliza Ellen Scraper, b. 4 Jun 1883, d. 2 May 1884, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.


17.  Delilah S.3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 28 Sep 1855 in Scraper Hollow, Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, d. 6 Mar 1891 in Cherokee Nation.  Cherokee name was Garnurti.

        She married (1) 21 Apr 1871, Marcellus Lilburn West, b. 17 Jan 1848 in Saline District, I. T., d. 19 Apr 1885 in Cherokee Nation, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.


                 i.    Mildred G.4 West, b. 25 Oct 1874, d. 24 Jan 1875, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.

         53.    ii.   Lula Tyana West b. 16 Apr 1875.

                 iii.   James C. West, b. 4 Sep 1877 in Saline District, d. ABT 19 OCT 1904, d. 2 Nov 1905.

                 iv.  Louisa West, b. 15 Mar 1880, d. 8 Sep 1903.

                    She married __________ Moore.

                 v.   Leonard West, b. 19 Nov 1882, d. 26 Aug 1884.

                 vi.  Millard West, b. 11 May 1885, d. 21 Jul 1886.

     She married (2) ABT 1887, Henry Tritthart, b. in Germany, d. 8 Jan 1898.


         54.    vii.  Lorena Tritthart b. 13 Aug 1888.

                 viii. George H. Tritthart, b. 21 Feb 1890, d. 30 May 1890.


18.  Elizabeth "Eliza" Ellen3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 4 Aug 1859 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 19 Jun 1923 in Muskogee, Okla, buried in Vann's Chapel Cemetery, Pryor, Okla.  Cherokee name was Ge-yor-hi.

          Mayes County Democrat, June 21, 1923, Pg. 1, Column 3


        Mrs. Eliza Rowe, aged 64 years, died at the P. & S. Hospital in Muskogee early Tuesday morning, after suffering for some time with erysipelas.  She had been making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Siame Mayes, south of Pryor, and was taken to the hospital last Saturday, where she might have the best of attention, and they had hopes of her recovery.

        The remains were shipped to Pryor Tuesday evening and interment took place Wednesday morning in the Vann’s Chapel Cemetery, west of Pryor. (transcribed by Judy Rowe Boemio).


     She married 27 Sep 1875, David "Cul" Lucullus Rowe, b. 9 Sep 1853 in Saline District, d. 11 Mar 1912 in Pryor, Okla.  David: Cherokee name was Gu-le-s-gu-we  U-su-ti.


         55.    i.    Martin McIntosh4 Rowe b. 30 Aug 1876.

                 ii.   Richard V. Rowe, b. 8 Jul 1879 in Saline District, Cherokee Nation, d. 22 May 1885, buried in Anderson Cemetery, Pryor, Cherokee Nation.

         56.    iii.   Clem Vann Rowe b. 31 Jan 1885.

                 iv.  Grover Cleveland Rowe, b. 14 Jan 1887 in Saline District, I. T., d. 20 Sep 1904 in Saline District, I. T.

                 v.   Maggie Ellen Rowe, b. 15 Feb 1889 in Saline District, I. T., d. 13 Sep 1969 in Tulsa, Okla.

                    She married Simon Benjamin Mayes.

         57.    vi.  Lydia Eliza Rowe b. 21 Mar 1891.

         58.    vii.  Etta May Rowe b. 14 Mar 1893.

         59.    viii. Benjamin Duval Rowe b. 29 Jul 1896.

                 ix.  Loreen Rowe, b. 2 Oct 1899.

                 x.   Samuel Mayes Rowe, b. 1901.


19.  Susannah F.3 Scraper, (George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Sep 1861 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 11 Jul 1888, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.  Cherokee name was Su-sah-ni.

     She married (1) Joseph Vann Rowe, b. ABT 1861, d. 31 May 1888, buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, Mayes Co., Okla.


                 i.    George Washington4 Rowe, d. ABT 1904.

     She married (2) Charley H. Flanders, b. in Lockport, New York, d. 16 Jul 1892.


                 ii.   Lyman George Flanders, b. 10 Jan 1887 in Vinita, Okla., d. 9 Oct 1964 in San Diego, Calif.  Cherokee name is Lar-war-nah.


20.  Elizabeth 'Betsy'3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1848 in GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 2 Mar 1899 in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.  Cherokee name was Wutty.

     Elizabeth married (1) ABT 1867, Thomas Walkingstick, b. in GoingSnake District, I.T., (son of Ezekial Walkingstick and Lucy England) d. 1 Jan 1880 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Thomas: Cherokee name was Tar-me  Oo-dar-lar-ner-ste.  Tom was a guard at the Proctor incident at the Whitmire schoolhouse.


         60.    i.    Simon Ralph4 Walkingstick b. 8 May 1868.

         61.    ii.   Leona Walkingstick b. 8 Feb 1873.

                 iii.   Malinda Dora Walkingstick, b. 4 May 1876 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 15 Aug 1911.

                    She married 24 Jan 1901, Tillman Rose Wright, b. 27 Mar 1867, (son of John Ross 'Jack' Wright and Charlotte Cornelia Whitmire) d. ABT 1924, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Tillman: The Adair County Gleaner:  Feb 1924 - The last remains of Till Wright were brought back from Pryor, Okla and laid to rest in the Whitmire Cemetery.  Mr. Wright was is a brother of W. W. Wright and has many old friends and relatives here who will mourn his death.

         62.    iv.  Lydia Ann Walkingstick b. 13 Jan 1878.

     Elizabeth married (2) Aaron (or Albert) Smallwood, (son of Joseph E. Smallwood and Jennie De-da-nus-ki) d. ABT 1883.


                 v.   Bessie England, b. 24 Aug 1882 in GoingSnake District, I.T., buried in Okmulgee, Okla.  Cherokee name was Gar-lea-lau-hi.  One of the schools Bessie taught was Chewey (1904).

                    She married James "Jimmy" B. Myers, buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif near Rudolph Valentino.

     Elizabeth married (3) 5 Mar 1883 in Goingsnake District, Lincoln England, b. 1848 in GoingSnake District, I.T., (son of George England and Lydia Hummingbird) d. 2 Jan 1926 in Adair Co., Okla, d. MAR 1926 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.  Lincoln was enrolled on the 1883 census as Elias.  Cherokee name was Ar-da-lar, Ar-gah-te-yah (Treasurer).  Also spelled Ta-la-te-yah.

     Lincoln was a guard at the Proctor incident at the Whitmire schoolhouse and was Sheriff of Goingsnake District at one time.


                 vi.  Jackson England, b. 31 Jul 1884, d. 26 Apr 1899, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.

         63.    vii.  Martha "Mattie" England b. 10 Jan 1886.

         64.    viii. Permelia England b. 19 Aug 1888.

         65.    ix.  Charlotte England b. 23 Oct 1891.


21.  Nancy3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT MAY 1848 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 10 Feb 1929 in Christie, Adair Co., Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.       In the old tongue she was called Nu-tsi.    More about Nancy Scraper/Shell/Gritts

     Nancy married (1) BEF 1868, Jesse Shell, b. 1838 - 1839 on trail during emigration to new country, (son of John Shell and Lucy ________) d. 15 Jul 1887.  Jesse’s Cherokee name was Tzu-ne-gu-la-hi-dah.   He was a guard at the Proctor incident at the Whitmire schoolhouse.


                 i.    William4 Shell, d. 6 Apr 1887.

                 ii.   John Shell, d. 1893.

                 iii.   Mary Shell, d. AFT 1925.

                    She married _________ Doherty.

         66.    iv.  Josephine 'Josie' Bertha Shell b. 6 Oct 1868.

     Nancy married (2) AFT 1870, John B. Gritts, b. ABT 1857, (son of Bud Gritts and Aggy) d. 10 Dec 1900, buried in Gritts Cemetery, I. T. (Sec 10, Adair Co., Okla).  John Gritts’ first wife was Charlotte, their children included Levi, Ned, Annie, and Nick.  John was a Preacher/Pastor at 'Big Shed' also known as Antioch Baptist Church, at Peavine, Indian Territory.  Johnson Spade, Wolf Coon, & Adam Lacie also preached at the Big Shed. (from John Hitcher IPH interview).


22.  Archilla3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1856 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 1885, buried in Thornton Cemetery, I. T. ( present day Adair County, Okla).  Cherokee name was A-chi-la.

          Archilla, who also went by Archy, was killed by John Stover.

     From the Vinita Indian Chieftain, 11-19-1885-- The death sentence of Stover for killing Archilla Scraper has been commuted to imprisonment for a stated time.  As the council is now in session it may be well to repeal the death penalty for murder, as it will save the chief and his executive councilors the trouble of disregarding the verdict of twelve men as wise and just as they.

          From the Indian Pioneer History interview of William Jones: "The Stover boys (Jim & John Stover) were hung when Lincoln England was Sheriff."


     Records of Appraisments Going Snake District: Cherokee Nation, I. T.    19

     Archilla Scraper, late of Going Snake District-  March 17th 1888

     Schedule of Property and Effects belonging to the estate of Archilla Scraper Deceased late of Going Snake District:

     1 improvement  valued at                                   $85.00

     21 Head of hogs, 14 sows and 17 shoats            $33.00

     1 two year old steer                                             $12.00

     30 bushels of Corn at 50 cents per bushel

     2 ????????????????

     1 feather bed and 6 quilts at                               $11.00

     2 _ _ _, dishes, knives, & forks                           $5.00

     _ _ _  tooth _ _  _ _ _ _ and file & table             $2.00

     1 Looking Glass, _ _ shawl, & Plow Tools        $8.50

     50 lbs of butter at 8 cts per lb.                            $4.00

     Feather bed and bed clothes                              $11.00

     1 Trunk                                                                $5.00

     1 Quilt                                                                 $3.00

     1 Pair of Plow gears & plow stack

     1 Horse & Saddle                                               $40.00

     We the undersigned appraisers certify that the above valuation is just and correct.  John Christie & Allick Wolfe.


     Archilla married Ruth Thornton, b. ABT 1855, (daughter of Wiley Glover Thornton and Emily England) d. 5 Apr 1884, buried in Thornton Cemetery, I.T. (present day Adair County, Okla.).  Ruth's Cherokee name was Lou-see.

          There were different types of marriages among the Cherokee.  Some of them were married first in a traditional Cherokee style ceremony, and then later in a marriage performed by an Indian or white minister of one of the new religions to Indian Territory, Methodist/Baptist etc.

           Miss Ruth Thornton was married to Mr Arch (Archilla) Scraper in the Baptist style on July 22nd 1883, by A.L. Lacie at Peavine Baptist Church.


         67.    i.    Mary Etta4 Scraper b. 5 Feb 1879.

                 ii.   John Scraper, b. 1881, d. 1898, buried in Thornton Cemetery, I. T. (Adair Co, Okla).

                 iii.   Johnson Scraper, b. ABT 1883, buried in Thornton  Cemetery, I.T. (present day Adair County, Okla.).


23.  Annie3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 2 Oct 1858 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 21 Jun 1884, buried in Buzzard Cemetery, Delaware District, I. T.  Cherokee name was Na-ni.  Annie's husband, W.Y.H. Foreman, was a half brother of Narcissa Jane Duncan.  Narcissa was married to Annie's first cousin, Henry H. Scraper.

     She married 22 Jul 1872, William Young Henry Foreman, b. 26 Jul 1836 in Cherokee Nation East, (son of Joseph Anthony Foreman and Narcissa Reeves Carey) d. 8 Sep 1901.  Military- Civil War, Company E, 3rd Lt. Cherokee Mounted Rifles.


                 i.    Mary Ann4 Foreman, b. 27 Apr 1873, d. 30 Oct 1874, buried in Buzzard Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla

         68.    ii.   Susie Helena Foreman b. 23 Jan 1875.

                 iii.   William Young Henry Jr. Foreman, b. 27 Sep 1877, d. 24 Nov 1877.

         69.    iv.  Sarah Elizabeth Foreman b. 15 Sep 1878.

         70.    v.   Nancy Foreman b. 19 Feb 1881.

                 vi.  Archey Foreman, b. 22 Mar 1883, d. APR 1884, buried in Buzzard Cemetery, Delaware Co.


24.  Louisa3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1860 in GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 25 Jan 1897, buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Cherokee name is Gar-der-u-e, also written Ga-tu-u-i.

     Louisa married (1) ABT 1879, Jesse Leaf, b. ABT 1860 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation West, (son of Leaf and Lydia Turkey) d. 9 Jan 1913 in Adair Co., Okla.


         71.    i.    William E. 'Buster'4 Scraper b. 18 Mar 1880.

     Louisa married (2) ABT 1881, Walter 'Watt' Sanders, b. 15 Oct 1856, (son of Tom Sanders and Mary Smith) d. 19 Nov 1900.


         72.    ii.   Charles Sanders b. 15 Nov 1882.

     Louisa married (3) ABT 1885, David Wolfe, b. AUG 1855, (son of Alex 'Pouch' Wolfe and Jennie Ratt) d. AUG 1917 in Adair Co., Okla.


         73.    iii.   Hugh "Steve" Wolfe b. MAR 1886.

                 iv.  Monroe Wolfe, b. AUG 1888 in Proctor, I.T., d. AFT 1906.

         74.    v.   Redcloud Wolfe b. SEP 1890.

                 vi.  Henry Wolfe, b. JAN 1894 in Proctor, I.T., d. BEF AUG 1925.  Cherokee name was Oo-na-da-ga.


25.  Calvin3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1861 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 17 Feb 1888 in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Cherokee name was Gah-tu-gwa-ski.

           This is an old story passed down through the family:

     It was common knowledge in those days, that Calvin Scraper was an outlaw.  One night his outlaw days came to an abrupt end when a confrontation occurred between Calvin and a tough Indian Territory Lawman in an area that is now known as Westville, Okla.  The Lawman made a supreme sacrifice that night, as Territorial Marshall Archibald Scraper was forced to shoot and kill his own son, Calvin Scraper.

     (Official records do not agree with this story.   Jno Tripplet was charged with the death of Calvin Scraper  trial convening on May 28th 1891 at the Goingsnake District Courthouse.)


     He married ABT 1885, Charlotte Sanders, b. 3 May 1868, (daughter of Tom Sanders and Mary Smith) d. 4 Jul 1952 in Tahlequah, Okla, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor Okla.


                 i.    Infant Son4 Scraper, b. 24 Sep 1886 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 25 Sep 1886 in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Proctor Cemetery, near Proctor, Okla.

                 ii.   Archilla 'Archie' Scraper, b. ABT 1888, d. ABT 1892.


26.  Albert3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 22 Mar 1866 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 24 Dec 1891 in Vinita, I.T., buried in Scraper Cemetery, Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Cherokee name was Dee-su-ga-ski.

     Albert married Betsy Wolfe, Betsy's brother David Wolfe, married Albert's sister, Louisa Scraper.

     Albert was shot and killed by Bob Saunders.

     Albert married (1) ABT 1885, Susan Watt, b. 1871, (daughter of Johnson Watt and Mary Terral) d. 23 Aug 1934 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Reese Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Susan: Cherokee name was Da-gie.


         75.    i.    James Franklin4 Scraper b. 15 Mar 1885.

     Albert married (2) ABT 1890, Betsy Wolfe, b. MAY 1869, (daughter of Alex 'Pouch' Wolfe and Jennie Ratt) d. 10 Dec 1908, buried in Spade Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.  The Betty Scraper Spring in Scraper Hollow was named after Betsy Wolfe Scraper.


                 ii.   Oliver Scraper, b. 2 Mar 1890 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 17 May 1922 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  On the 1900 census he is listed as Albert Scraper.  Presumably his fullname may have been Albert Oliver Scraper.  His Cherokee name was Oo-gu-gu (Hoot Owl).

                    According to his WW I draft card, Oliver was living at Baron, Okla and working as a farm laborer for Jack Bean at the time.

                    He married Lydia "Lidda" England, b. 6 Nov 1898 in Indian Territory, (daughter of William England and Nancy 'Ah-yost-ta' Chewey) d. 16 Jun 1985, buried in England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

         76.    iii.   John Rufas Scraper b. 20 Oct 1891.


27.  Frank (Joseph Franklin)3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 18 May 1899 in Scraper Hollow, Adair Co., Okla, d. 31 Mar 1967, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit, KS, military in WW I, U.S. Army,  went in at Ft. Riley ( FT. Funston).        Frank's Cherokee name was 'Cho-oo-nay-ga' or 'White Tobacco').  As a boy he was called Archy, and also Smokie.

     At Asherville High School, Frank played center on the football squad.

           Company E, 4th Battalion, K. S. G.,(COMPANY "E," 4TH BATTALION, Asherville, Kansas) became widely known over the state of Kansas on account of its activities in the Liberty loan and Red Cross drives. It,also, participated in rounding up slackers, alien enemies, and German sympathizers. It was one of the best drilled companies of the Kansas State Guard. (Uncle Frank is listed as a private with this company. Also listed is James S. Vanbeber, who is believed to have been Frank's stepfather's brother)

          Frank was on the Asherville School Board for about 16 years.  He taught School, District 27, Mitchell County, before he was married.

          Frank was a Lay Minister and a Gideon.  He would give talks at the area Churches around Beloit and he would hand out bibles and place them at area motels. (from Kathleen Critchfield - March 29th 2008).

        Frank married 27 Apr 1922 in Cedar Home (home of her adoptive parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dickie), Bessie Ruth Melton Dickie, b. 14 Apr 1901 in Ottawa, KS, (daughter of Frank A. Dickie and Clara Brown) d. 7 Mar 1981 in Concordia, KS, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Beloit, KS.


         77.    i.    Robert Dale4 Scraper b. 31 Jul 1923.

         78.    ii.   Mildred 'Kathleen' Scraper (details excluded).


28.  Manford Noah3 Scraper, (Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 20 Jul 1903 in Scraper Hollow, Adair Co., Okla, d. 19 Jan 1986 in Greeley, CO, buried in Mulvane, KS.  Manford's Cherokee name was Am-u-ne-ga (White Water).

          When grandpa was a kid, he made himself a banjo and taught himselfto play it.  He also played the guitar and harmonica.

          In about 1934, Manford packed up his family and headed for Arkansas.  He had built a trailer out of a Model-T chassis and traded it for 40 acres near Fayetteville, site unseen.  The family drove to Arkansas in a Willis Knight automobile.  Manford had cut the cab off and built a box on it, the kids were able to sleep in the back.  One of the items that they had on board was Grandma's kitchen stove.  It was a kerosene stove and it had four burners and an oven.  The kerosene was contained in a glass bottle.  They ended up trading the stove for a tank of gas, groceries, and $5, which was all the cash the proprietor had in his store (it was during the great depression).  Once they reached the hill country, Grandma and Manford Jr would place rocks behind the wheels to keep the car from rolling backwards while they tried to get it up the steep grades.  When they arrived at the land, they found that a forest fire had destroyed the house that they were going to stay in temporally while they built a house of their own.  Their belongings were tied down on top of the car, including mattresses which they would take down and throw on the ground to sleep on when they found a good camping spot.  They camped by the river for a couple of weeks in a cave with a large overhanging cliff overhead.   They then went to stay with Henry and Jennie Smith (Grandma Mary's sister) for a few days, at Christie, Oklahoma.  There was a spring near the front porch and Great-Grandma Nancy was afraid the baby (Johnny) was going to fall into it.  Things didn't work out, so the family moved back to Asherville, KS.

          When I was about 8 or 9 years old, Grandpa Manford told me that when he was a boy in Oklahoma, one method of fishing was to dive into the river with a large hook tied to a line, the diver would attempt to jab the hook into a giant catfish, while others on shore would be ready to haul in the line, and try to get the monster onto dry land.   I believe he mentioned the Grand river as a fishing spot. (Joe Scraper Jr)

          Manford was very good at witching for water.  He could tell where to place a well and how deep the water was from the surface.  He preferred a peach or willow branch for dowsing, but he could dowse with almost anything if necessary.  He once used a D-style shovel handle in a pinch.  Many people called on him when they needed to locate a good place to dig a well.

        Manford married (1) 12 Apr 1925 in Beloit, KS, Frances Ellen Wrench, b. 30 Mar 1904 near Beloit, KS, d. 6 Feb 1971 in Mulvane, KS, buried in Mulvane, KS.               


         79.    i.    Manford Noah (Jr)4 Scraper b. 22 Aug 1925.

         80.    ii.   Peggy Jean Scraper (details excluded).

         81.    iii.   Betty Lee Scraper b. 23 Aug 1928.

         82.    iv.  Joseph Francis Scraper (details excluded).

         83.    v.   John Henry Scraper (details excluded).

         84.    vi.  Dotty Mae Scraper (details excluded).

         85.    vii.  Mary Kae Scraper (details excluded).

     Manford married (2) Hetty Mae (Shaw) Breshears.


29.  Jennie3 Scraper, (Otter2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1862 in GoingSnake District, I.T., d. AFT 1918 in Adair Co,  Okla.  Cherokee name was Je-yah-nuh-nah   Cla-ma-hah.

     Jennie married (1) ABT 1882, Ned Christie, b. 14 Dec 1852, d. 3 Nov 1892, buried in Watt Christie Cemetery, Goingsnake District, I.T.  Ned: Cherokee name was Na-die  Wah-die.    Ned hid out at 'The Ole Scraper Place' for a while after he was accused of killing Marshall Dan Maples.  He had been drinking at a place run by Jennie's cousin, Nancy (Scraper) Shell.  He had passed out near the creek and when he awoke found that someone had shot the marshal and blamed him for the deed.


     I was born in an humble farm home, May 27, 1857, in the Cherokee Nation, near what is called Wauhillau.......I knew Ned Christie during his childhood days and mine.  I attended school with this well known outlaw.  I remember so well how I have jumped the rope while Ned Christie counted1-2-3-4-5, etc., while we were having a jumping contest.  He would hold one end of the rope and laugh with glee, as any normal child. (Indian Pioneer History Project interview #12893, Elmira Stevens).



                 i.    James4 Christie, d. JUL 1893.   (note: James may have been a stepson of Jennie, partly raised by her).

         86.    ii.   Annie Christie b. FEB 1883.


     Jennie married (2) ABT 1883, Lou 'Blue' Johnson, b. ABT 1858, d. 5 Oct 1903.  Lou: Cherokee name was Sar-ho-ne-ga   Jar-nese-ne.


                 iii.   Ah-nah-ye Gar-do-gar, b. 1885.

                 iv.  Lizzie Johnson, b. APR 1887, d. 21 Nov 1949 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in possibly Echota Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Cherokee name was Gar-le-lo-he   Jar-ne-se-ne.

                    She married (1) Samson Leach, b. JAN 1889.

                    She married (2) Watt Christie, b. ABT 1882, d. 1959, buried in Echota Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                 v.   Lula Johnson, b. FEB 1889.

                    She married (1) Stann Hummingbird, b. ABT 1890, (son of Isaac Hummingbird).

                    She married (2) Silas Young.

                 vi.  Dave Johnson, b. ABT 1890.

                 vii.  Jackson Johnson, b. 1893.

     Jennie married (3) ABT NOV 1904, Mose Batt, b. ABT 1880.


30.  Wilson3 Cummings, (Sallie2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1854 in Goingsnake District.  Cherokee name was Che-sah-wah-lah (Chu-sur-wa-li).

     He married (1) Nancy _____.

     He married (2) Charlotte 'Maggie' Frog.


                 i.    Lizzie Jennie4 Cummings, b. 5 Oct 1888.  Cherokee name was Ga-do-tla-na

                    She married Thomas Jr. Gritts, b. 1883.

                 ii.   John Cummings, b. 1901, d. 17 Aug 1903.


31.  Henry3 Scraper, (Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. FEB 1853 in Delaware District, I. T. , Okla., d. AFT 1930, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.  Henry was originally called Somerset Scraper.  He was living with his son Elijah in 1930.

     The Henry Scraper Cemetery is located at section 26, range 24E, township24N, Delaware Co., Okla.

     Henry married 22 Aug 1878 in Delaware District, Lydia Adair, b. MAY 1854, (daughter of George Adair and O-ne) d. 8 Dec 1922, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co, Okla.


         87.    i.    Sallie Lynn4 Scraper b. 7 Jun 1880.

         88.    ii.   Elijah 'Lige' Scraper b. 27 Mar 1884.

                 iii.   Fanny Scraper, b. JUL 1888, d. AFT 1960.

                    She married _____ England.

                 iv.  Ernest Scraper, b. 7 Feb 1893, d. NOV 1977 in Miami, OK.

                    He married Lucinda Wright, b. 30 Nov 1899 in Indian Territory, (daughter of Jackson Wright and Anna Sultzer) d. 5 Dec 1962 in Miami, Okla, buried in Butler Cemetery.


32.  Tom3 Scraper, (Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. SEP 1855 in Okla., d. 20 Dec 1906.

     He married 20 Jun 1880 in Delaware District, Cherokee Nation, Sarah "Sallie" Davis, b. 1860 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Ned Davis and Ah-qui-le) d. 16 Mar 1905 in Southwest City, MO.


                 i.    Paulina4 Scraper, b. ABT 1882, d. 1925, buried in Wofford Cemetery, Delaware Co, Okla.

                    She married (1) Toney Weaver Roberts, b. 10 Aug 1892, d. 1960.

                    She married (2) 16 Nov 1907, John Study, b. ABT 1886.

         89.    ii.   Malinda Scraper b. 1883.

         90.    iii.   Nancy Scraper b. 1886.

         91.    iv.  Louis William Scraper b. 9 Aug 1892.


33.  Nellie3 Scraper, (Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. MAR 1857 in Delaware Dist. Cherokee Nation Okla., d. AFT 1907.

     She married (1) ABT 1875, John Snell.

     She married (2) BEF 1897, Sam Suagee, b. ABT 1865 in Delaware District, I.T., (son of Stand Watie Suagee and Eva Snell).


                 i.    Henry4 Suagee, b. 9 Feb 1897, d. 3 Nov 1975, buried in Snell Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.

                    He married Nancy V. Keen, b. 27 Apr 1871 in Kentucky, d. 18 Sep 1947, buried in Butler Cemetery, Grove, Okla.


34.  Washington3 England, (Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1857, d. 14 Aug 1917.

     He married (1) Winnie May Starr, (daughter of George Starr and Nancy (Na-Ke) Christy) d. 1898.


                 i.    Wilson4 England, b. 8 Sep 1884.

                    He married (1) Nancy White.

                    He married (2) Katie Studie.

         92.    ii.   Pigeon England b. 17 Apr 1890.

     He married (2) Katie Chunestudy, b. ABT 1866.


                 iii.   Betsy England, b. ABT 1900.

         93.    iv.  Andrew England b. ABT 1903.

                 v.   John England, b. ABT 1904.

                    He married Malinda __________, b. ABT 1902.


35.  John W.3 England, (Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 22 Sep 1860 in Delaware District, I. T., d. 20 Apr 1922 in at home, near Chelsea, Okla, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.

     He married 7 Oct 1883, Isabelle 'Belle' Dora Beck, b. 19 Jan 1866 in near Grove, I. T., (daughter of David McLaughlin Beck and __________) d. 28 Jan 1943 in at home, near Chelsea, Okla, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.


         94.    i.    Lucy Elizabeth4 England b. 3 Sep 1884.

                 ii.   Joseph Clinton England, b. 16 Nov 1886, d. DEC 1984, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.

         95.    iii.   Frances Cordelia England b. 8 Jan 1888.

         96.    iv.  Elva Dorothy England b. 5 Feb 1890.

         97.    v.   Beulah England b. 3 Jul 1891.

         98.    vi.  Benjamin Sidney England b. 6 Apr 1894.

                 vii.  Emma Leola England, b. 3 Aug 1896, d. 29 Oct 1982.

                    She married Oliver Brown.

                 viii. McLaughlin England, b. 3 Mar 1898, d. 27 Apr 1969.

                    He married Lulu Elam.

                 ix.  Martha England, b. 23 Aug 1900, d. 14 Dec 1983.

                    She married (1) __________ Carlile.

                    She married (2) Vete Cook.

                 x.   John Ross England, b. 14 Mar 1906, d. 10 Jun 1986.

                    He married Bertha Glover.


36.  Katie3 England, (Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1862 in Delaware District, I.T., d. AFT 1907.

     She married John Silversmith.


                 i.    Rachel4 Silversmith, b. 12 Dec 1884.

                 ii.   Bettie May Silversmith, b. 16 Sep 1888, d. 5 Apr 1958 in Grove, Okla, buried in Butler Cemetery, Grove, Okla.

                    She married George Richard McLaughlin, b. 2 Jan 1866 in Boggy Depot, Choctaw Nation, I. T., (son of William Collin McLaughlin and Annie "A-ho-ka" Rattlinggourd) d. 10 May 1940 in Grove, Okla, buried in Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, Okla.

                 iii.   Amanda L. Silversmith, b. 5 Apr 1890.

                 iv.  Mary Ann Silversmith, b. 12 Dec 1893.

                 v.   Steve Silversmith, b. 25 Apr 1895.

                 vi.  Ernest Silversmith, b. 24 Jun 1897.

                 vii.  Sarah Susan Silversmith, b. 15 Jan 1900.

                 viii. Lizzie Emma Bell Silversmith, b. 27 Jun 1903.

                 ix.  Pearl Silversmith, b. 15 Aug 1905.


37.  Fannie3 England, (Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 Aug 1864 in Cherokee Nation, I. T., d. 13 Aug 1903 in Bluejacket, Okla, buried in Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, Okla.

     She married George Richard McLaughlin, b. 2 Jan 1866 in Boggy Depot, Choctaw Nation, I. T., (son of William Collin McLaughlin and Annie "A-ho-ka" Rattlinggourd) d. 10 May 1940 in Grove, Okla, buried in Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, Okla.


                 i.    William T.4 McLaughlin.

                 ii.   Annie McLaughlin.

                 iii.   Frank J. McLaughlin.


38.  Manda3 England, (Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1866, d. AFT 1907.

     She married David E. Jenkins.


                 i.    Lula4 Jenkins.

                    She married ________ Hayes.



Generation Four


39.  Jennie4 Bunch, (Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1852, d. AUG 1889.  Cherokee name was Ju-guh-wah-le-skey   Wah-la-lu.

     Jennie married (1) Thomas Hummingbird, b. ABT 1855, (son of Ah-claw-se-ne Hummingbird and Betsey Hughes) d. 3 Dec 1917.  Thomas: Cherokee name was Dah-ne-se-nie   Ah-dlo-se-nie.


         99.    i.    Daniel5 Hummingbird b. 6 Aug 1883.

                 ii.   James Hummingbird, b. 1885.

                    He married Jensie Bendabout.

     Jennie married (2) Isaac Hummingbird, b. AFT 1851, (son of William Hummingbird and Polly Hughes) d. BEF 1928.  Isaac: Cherokee name was Gah-luh-lah-die   Wah-la-lu.


                 iii.   Ah-yo-gah Hummingbird, d. 1870.

                 iv.  Wud-die Hummingbird.

                 v.   Susie Hummingbird, d. 1886.

                 vi.  Betsey Hummingbird.

                 vii.  Annie Hummingbird, b. 1868 in Cherokee  Nation.

                    She married William Smith, b. 2 Jun 1871 in Flint District, I. T.


40.  Jug4 Bunch, (Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1858.  Cherokee name was Ga-da-goo-goo.

     He married Annie Manus, b. ABT 1857 in Goingsnake District, I. T., (daughter of George Manus and Katie Petitt). Annie’s Cherokee name was Ah-nu-wa-kil.


         100.  i.    Mary B.5 Bunch b. ABT 1883.

                 ii.   John Bunch, b. 17 Dec 1885 in Sequoyah District, I.T.  Cherokee name was De-stie.

                 iii.   Betsey Bunch, b. ABT 1888.

                    She married Washington Holcomb, b. ABT 1884.

                 iv.  Esther (or Etta) Bunch, b. 6 May 1890.

                 v.   Jack Bunch, b. 25 Nov 1892.

                 vi.  Susie Bunch, b. 17 Jun 1896.

                 vii.  Nancy Bunch, b. 9 Nov 1900.


41.  Alex4 Bunch, (Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1860 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation.

     He married Eliza _____, b. ABT 1868.


         101.  i.    Mary 'Maggie'5 Bunch b. ABT 1886.

                 ii.   Lizzie Bunch, b. 17 May 1891, d. 30 Nov 1910 in Adair Co., Okla.

                 iii.   Jesse Bunch, b. ABT 1893, d. 3 Feb 1912 in Adair Co., Okla.

                 iv.  Ollie Bunch, b. MAY 1893, d. 28 Apr 1904 in Goingsnake District, I. T.

                 v.   Nancy Bunch, b. ABT 1894.

                 vi.  Jack (Jackson) Bunch, b. 21 Dec 1896.

                 vii.  Samuel Bunch, b. ABT 1898, d. 1904 - 1907.

                 viii. Betsey Bunch, b. 8 Sep 1905 in Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, d. 16 Mar 1906 in near Stilwell, I.T.


42.  Arch4 Justice, (Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. in Flint District, I. T., d. 15 Dec 1905 in Cherokee Nation.  Cherokee name was Ah-che-gi-li.

     He married BEF 1888, Lydia Wolf, b. 6 Aug 1866 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Hawk Wolf and Catherine Alexander) d. 22 Nov 1941 in Cherokee Nation/Oklahoma, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.  Lydia’s Cherokee name was Li-di.


         102.  i.    Walter5 Justice b. 28 Aug 1888.

                 ii.   Mintie Justice, b. 1895, d. 3 Sep 1941, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

                    She married (1) John Bolen, b. 14 Apr 1894 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, (son of Martin Bolen and Annie Wesley).

                    She married (2) Swimmer.

                    She married (3) Lacie Christie.


43.  Mollie4 Justice, (Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 Feb 1884 in Flint District, I .T., d. 22 Oct 1961, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

     She married Sam Keys, b. ABT 1871, d. 1931, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.


         103.  i.    Nellie5 Keys.

                 ii.   Jesse Keys, b. 8 Feb 1904, d. 1910, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.


44.  Ollie4 Justice, (Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1886 in Flint District, I .T., d. 15 Jul 1930, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.  Ollie's great-grandmother was Janeanna or Jenanna.

     She married Tom Fixin, b. ABT 1881, (son of Fixin Pritchett and Darkie Stayathome). Tom: Census Card # 487.


                 i.    Ada5 Fixin.

                    She married __________ McCoy.

         104.  ii.   Calvin Fixin b. 14 Feb 1918.

                 iii.   Nancy Fixin, b. 1906, d. 1957, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

                    She married Charlie Campbell.


45.  Ned4 Wilson, (Runabout3, Wilson2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1879 in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation West, d. 8 Jul 1921 in Tahlequah, Okla.

     He married Delilah 'Lila' RattlingGourd, b. 1877 in Saline District, I.T., (daughter of Jack RattlingGourd and Nellie Kingfisher).


                 i.    Selsie5 Wilson, b. 1899.

                    She married _________ Tolen.

                 ii.   Nannie Wilson, b. 1903.

                 iii.   Nedie Wilson, b. 13 Jan 1907.

                    He married Ester McCoy.


46.  Henrietta 'Etta Jane'4 Scraper, (Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 24 Nov 1871 in Saline District, I. T., d. 21 Dec 1958, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, OK.  Etta Jane was educated at Worcester Academy in Vinita, the Cherokee Female Seminary in Tahlequah, and Bacone College in Muskogee.  She was the first teacher in Claremore.  In 1892 she was the teacher at Ballard School, Delaware District.

        She married 4 Apr 1894 in George Clark home, Adair, Saline District,  I. T., William Edward Sanders, b. 2 Apr 1859 in Baron Fork, Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 14 Oct 1939, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, OK.  William: William was elected Sheriff in 1888.  In a shoot out with the Queen gang at Claremore, William was shot in the shoulder.  He lost a Deputy in the fight.

        Cherokee Advocate  February 15, 1886

     Vinita, Indian Territory- Notice to all citizens of Cooweescoowee District who have permits for citizens of the United States to not allow them to hunt and kill game as it is strictly against the laws of the Cherokee Nation, as published in this paper in An Act entitled An Act to Prevent the Shipping of Game Beyond the Limits of the Cherokee Nation. Notice is also given to all non-citizens from cutting, hauling and selling timber from the Public Domain of the Cherokee Nation. And if said non-citizens continue to cut timber off the Public Domain contrary to my orders, I shall levy all timber so cut for the benefit of the Nation, and seize all such non-citizens with all their wagons and teams for such offense, and turn them over to the US Agent to be prosecuted under the Intercourse Law.  This notice is given under an Act of the National Council, restricting non-citizens from trespassing upon the Public Domain of the Cherokee Nation. W E Sanders, Sheriff, Cooweescoowee District.



         105.  i.    William Edward5 Sanders b. 24 Oct 1896.

         106.  ii.   Dewitt Clark Sanders b. 30 Jun 1898.

                 iii.   George Francis Sanders, b. 20 Sep 1900, d. 13 Oct 1902, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, OK.

         107.  iv.  Henry Kenneth Sanders b. 1 Oct 1902.

         108.  v.   M. Connelly Sanders b. 16 Aug 1906.

                 vi.  Mabel Louise Sanders, b. 19 Jan 1910, d. in infancy.

         109.  vii.  Owen Bates Sanders b. 25 Sep 1914.


47.  Luella Emma4 Foreman, (Flora3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 28 Sep 1868 in Delaware District, I.T.

     She married 8 Nov 1884, William Henry Whitney, b. ABT 1856, d. BEF 1906.


                 i.    Mack William5 Whitney, b. 1 Feb 1886.

                 ii.   Frederick C. Whitney, b. 26 Sep 1887, d. BEF 1906.

                 iii.   Mary Ethel Whitney, b. 15 Sep 1889.

                 iv.  Bertha J. Whitney, b. 26 Nov 1900.


48.  Lydia Minerva4 Clark, (Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1874, d. AFT 1914.  Cherokee name was I-you-ka.

     She married 27 Nov 1901, Edward Bates Frayser.   Edward ran with Quantrill's Raiders.  Later he was the Doctor in charge of declaring that those who had been ordered hung by Judge Parker were dead.  A book containing his notes is at the University at Norman, Okla.  The brand he used on his cattle and horses was two circles side by side, one smaller than the other.  Range on Big Cabin Creek 7 miles west of Bluejacket.


                 i.    Robert 'Bo'5 Frayser.

         110.  ii.   Edward Bates Jr. Frayser.

                 iii.   Bently Frayser.

         111.  iv.  Charles Wilson Frayser b. 7 Jul 1914.


49.  Susan Cordelia4 Clark, (Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 19 Sep 1876 in Cherokee Nation, d. AFT 1914.

     She married 14 Dec 1898, James Lewis Kell, b. 13 Aug 1875 in Delaware District, I.T.


                 i.    Elizabeth5 Kell.

                 ii.   Lewis Parker Kell, b. 10 Sep 1899.

                 iii.   Emma Eulalia Kell, b. 22 May 1901.

                 iv.  Kermit Kell, b. 28 Aug 1905.


50.  George Washington Jr.4 Clark, (Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Dec 1885, d. 14 Feb 1919 in Grand Lake in Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.

     He married Nannie C. Farrar, b. 30 Oct 1886 in Hillsboro, TX, d. 4 Jul 1959 in near Strang, Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.


                 i.    Adeline5 Clark.

                    She married Zelda Hale.

                 ii.   Marie Clark.

                    She married George Farrel.

                 iii.   Margie Clark.

                    She married Paul Barnes.

         112.  iv.  George Washington III Clark b. 2 Jan 1914.


51.  Leona C.4 Scraper, (Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 17 Sep 1876, d. 1965, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.  Cherokee name is Ga-na-ey.

     She married 25 Mar 1897 in Saline District, Cherokee Nation, William Duncan West, b. 8 Dec 1865, d. 1929, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.


         113.  i.    Walter Adair5 West b. 15 Apr 1900.

         114.  ii.   Sallie Ellen West b. 12 Sep 1906.


52.  Joanna 'Josie' Ann4 Scraper, (Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 Feb 1879, d. 20 Sep 1914, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.  Josie was teaching at the old Requah School located near the West Cemetery when she married W. L. Ross.

     She married 9 May 1901, William Larkin Ross, b. 1876, d. 1945, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, Okla.


         115.  i.    Willie 'Bill' Louise5 Ross b. ABT 1902.

         116.  ii.   Lucille Ross b. ABT 1904.

                 iii.   Joe Buck Ross, b. 1907, d. 1918, buried in West Cemetery, east of Strang, OK.

                 iv.  Frank Ross, b. ABT 1909.


53.  Lula Tyana4 West, (Delilah3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 16 Apr 1875 in Delaware District, I.T., d. 5 Nov 1955 in Coffeyville, KS, buried in Edna, Labette Co., KS.

     She married 14 Jul 1892, Vernon Wilber Scott, b. 10 Jan 1870 in Edgerton, Ohio, d. 23 Aug 1942.


         117.  i.    Ethel Naomi5 Scott b. 26 Jul 1893.

                 ii.   George E. Scott, b. 28 Sep 1894.

         118.  iii.   James A. Scott b. 4 Apr 1896.

                 iv.  Clarence S. Scott, b. ABT 1898.

                 v.   Myrtle E. Scott, b. 17 Jan 1900.

                 vi.  Marion T. Scott, b. 29 Sep 1901.

                 vii.  Milliard Earl Scott, b. 15 Apr 1903.

                 viii. Iva L. Scott, b. 26 Jan 1905.

                 ix.  Mary Scott, b. ABT 1907.


54.  Lorena4 Tritthart, (Delilah3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 13 Aug 1888 in Wimer, I.T.

     She married Frank A. Nichols, b. ABT 1882.


                 i.    Glen Franklin5 Nichols, b. 27 Nov 1904.


55.  Martin McIntosh4 Rowe, (Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 30 Aug 1876 in Rowe's Prairie, Saline District, Cherokee Nation, d. 26 Apr 1960 in Fayetteville, AR, buried in Stilwell, OK.  "A .45 was just part of your dress back then, you'd no more go without one than you'd go without your britches." (Martin M. Rowe referring to life in the Cherokee Nation during the late 1890's)

     While in Quanah, Texas (Hardeman, TX) Martin enlisted in the army during the Spanish-American War.  He served until the war was over.

     Martin was charged with the killing of Sheriff Jess Sunday near the Saline District Courthouse, but later all charges were dropped and he was elected Clerk of the Cherokee National Council in 1903.  In 1945 he became Adair County Clerk.

     He married (1) Mary Louise Allen, d. 12 Feb 1978.

     He married (2) 26 Oct 1900 in Indian Territory, May Belle Benge, b. 3 Sep 1880 in Ft. Gibson, I. T., d. 17 May 1955 in Okla.


         119.  i.    David Van " Jack "5 Rowe b. 20 Dec 1901.


56.  Clem Vann4 Rowe, (Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 31 Jan 1885 in Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, d. 16 May 1938 in Pryor, Okla, buried in Vann's Chapel Cemetery, Pryor, Okla.

     He married 5 Mar 1918 in Carthage, MO, Dora Ellen Conseen, b. 24 Jan 1884, d. 3 Nov 1979 in Oklahoma.


         120.  i.    Virginia5 Rowe b. 1 May 1921.


57.  Lydia Eliza4 Rowe, (Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 21 Mar 1891 in Saline District, I. T., d. 28 Apr 1965 in Pryor, Okla.

     She married Rufas M. Rollen, b. 7 Oct 1892 in Tahlequah District, I. T., d. 9 Mar 1972 in Oklahoma.


                 i.    Vera5 Rollen.

                    She married Ralph Chesser.

                 ii.   Marion Edward Rollen.


58.  Etta May4 Rowe, (Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 14 Mar 1893 in Saline District, I. T., d. 19 Dec 1979 in Miami, Okla.

     She married (1) Charles Crawford.

     She married (2) Frank Shuck.


                 i.    LeRoy Eugene5 Shuck, b. 24 Dec 1921 in Muskogee, Okla.

                    He married Evelyn Patricia Gray, b. 22 Sep 1922 in El Reno, Okla.

                 ii.   David Rowe Shuck, d. 3 May 1944.

                 iii.   Frank Shuck.

                 iv.  Lawrence Edward Shuck, d. APR 1981 in Del City, Okla.

                    He married __________ Mantle.

                 v.   Carl Lewis Shuck.

                    He married __________ Prigmore.


59.  Benjamin Duval4 Rowe, (Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 29 Jul 1896 in Saline District, I. T., d. 22 Aug 1962 in San Antonio, TX.

     He married 15 Feb 1930 in San Antonio, TX, Marguerite Morris, b. 29 Sep 1904 in Winettka, Illinois.


                 i.    __________5 Rowe.

                    She married Thomas Norton Totten.

                 ii.   _____ Rowe.

                    She married Robert Hugo Busch.

                 iii.   __________ Rowe.

                    He married _____ Harris.


60.  Simon Ralph4 Walkingstick, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 8 May 1868 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 6 Apr 1938 in Claremore, Okla, buried in Okmulgee, Okla.  Simon lists Stacy Ar-che-lah, alias Sarah Barnett as an Aunt on his Miller roll app.  She died c1898 in the Creek Nation and left "no descendants".

     Simon married (1) ABT 1894, Sally Viola (Ada) Osborn, (daughter of Orlando W. Orsborn and Celeter Waters) d. FEB 1902 in Muskogee, I. T., buried in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T.  Sally's parents, Orlando and Celeter Osborn signed the affidavit on the Miller app for Leona Walkingstick stating that they had known her five years (as of Dec 1906).  Orlando signed his name Osborn (sometimes the name has been seen spelled Orsborn).

     Tahlequah Arrow - Feb 22nd 1902

     Mrs. Simon R. Walkingstick died at her home in Muskogee Saturday.  A telephone message was received here Saturday afternoon by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Orsborn, announcing their daughters' sickness.  They started to Muskogee but she died soon after the message was sent and the father and mother met the funeral procession at Fort Gibson.  The remains were buried Sunday at the Walkingstick place twenty-five miles northeast of Tahlequah.  She leaves a husband and several little children.

     Note: In 1902 the Walkingstick place where the family lived was in Scraper Hollow south of the Arch Scraper place.  Simon had taken over his father's place there.  Simon also kept a home at Muskogee while he worked for the Dawes Commission.


         121.  i.    Sally Ada5 Walkingstick b. 23 Jan 1895.

         122.  ii.   Simon Ralph Jr Walkingstick b. 16 Aug 1896.

         123.  iii.   Celeta Walkingstick b. 13 Dec 1897.

                 iv.  Bruce Walkingstick, b. 22 Mar 1899 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. DEC 1970 in Rhode Island, buried in Providence, Rhode Island.

     Simon married (2) 21 Sep 1904, Rebecca Catherine Chandler, b. 3 Jan 1883 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Benjamin Taylor Chandler and Fannie Elizabeth Sharp) d. 11 Oct 1975 in Holdenville, Okla, buried in Okmulgee, Okla.


         124.  v.   Benjamin Taylor Walkingstick b. 3 Jul 1905.

                 vi.  Thomas Lowell Walkingstick, b. 21 Jan 1909 in Tahlequah, Okla, d. 7 Jan 1910 in Tahlequah, Okla, buried in Tahlequah City Cemetery, Tahlequah, Okla.

                 vii.  Galela Leona Walkingstick, b. 5 Dec 1910 in Tahlequah, Okla.

                 viii. Oliver Kenneth Walkingstick, b. 28 Sep 1912 in Tahlequah, Okla, d. 20 Jan 1998, buried in Denison, TX.

                    He married Jeanne Valerie Kromer, b. in Milton, PA.

                 ix.  Howard Chandler Walkingstick, b. 7 Jan 1915 in Tahlequah, Okla, d. 24 Aug 2002 in Okla, buried in Okmulgee, Okla.     More regarding Howard Walkingstick

                 x.   Lorena May Walkingstick, b. 26 Dec 1919 in Okmulgee, Okla, d. 17 Jan 1921, buried in Okmulgee Cemetery.


61.  Leona4 Walkingstick, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 8 Feb 1873 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., buried in Okla.  May have also been called Viola Walkingstick.  Cherokee name was Ja-ga-do-we-sta.  During 1904 she taught at Mulberry School.

     Leona married (1) Charley W. Saunders, (son of Henry W. Saunders and Julia Ann Laffery). Charley: Charley was a Sheriff out of Tahlequah.  After a bank robbery, a posse was gathered to track down the robbers.  Charley broke off from the rest of the posse because of a disagreement on which direction the outlaws had taken.  The posse went their own way, while Charley headed up the Illinios river.  After a time, he came across the robbers trail and began to follow it.  He found where they had discarded some of their loot.  Apparently, when they realized he was tracking them, they decided the silver was too heavy, and was slowing them down so they left a portion of it behind.  Charley gathered up the silver and went back to town.  The posse saw Charley and explained that they were unable to find any sign of the outlaws, or the path that the outlaws had taken.  Charley told them that he had found their trail and that part of the stolen loot was now back in the bank. (from Marvin & Don Cagle)

          Charley & Leona (Lena) were living in the Moodys area north of Tahlequah in 1930 with their two month old adopted daughter, Galelo.  Charley's brother James was living nearby.  This was close to Molly Field Cemetery were their mother Julia was buried.


                 i.    Christina5 Saunders, b. 19 Dec 1898 in Indian Territory, d. 1912 in Oklahoma, buried in Molly Field Cemetery on Highway 10 south of Scraper, Okla.

                 ii.   Galelo E. Saunders, (details excluded).

     Leona married (2) John Adair, (details excluded).


62.  Lydia Ann4 Walkingstick, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 13 Jan 1878 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 2 Feb 1928 in Whitmire, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Lidda was a witness at the marriage of her grandfather, Arch Scraper, when he married his last wife, Mary Ross Little.

     Lydia and George donated additional land for the Whitmire Cemetery when it was beginning to fill up.

        She married George Getty Whitmire, b. 4 Jan 1871 in Whitmire Community near Christie, Goingsnake District, I. T., (son of George Washington Whitmire and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Faught) d. 17 Apr 1935 in Whitmire, Adair Co., Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  More about the Whitmires


                 i.    George Vance 'Buck'5 Whitmire, b. 24 Sep 1900, d. June 1968, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                    He married 1934, Marie Jones.

                 ii.   Golda Elizabeth Whitmire, b. 5 Sep 1903, d. JAN 1984, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Goldie taught school at Rabbit Trap.

                    She married 1929, Lionel Ralph Webb, b. 5 Dec 1907 in Bluff Dale, Texas, d. 23 May 1983 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla. 

         125.  iii.   Haskell P. Whitmire b. 1907.


63.  Martha "Mattie"4 England, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 10 Jan 1886 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 27 Jan 1904 in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.

     She married William Watt, b. SEP 1879 in Indian Territory, (son of Jackson Watt and Margaret 'Peggy' Reese) b. 1880 in Cherokee Nation, d. 20 Sep 1918 in Adair Co., Okla.  William: Cherokee name was Oo-loo-loh-da-nah.  William & his friend Richard Reese were killed when they were run over by the Frisco freight train.


                 i.    _____5 Watt, b. 27 Jan 1904 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 27 Jan 1904 in Goingsnake District, I. T., buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.


64.  Permelia4 England, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 19 Aug 1888, d. 17 Mar 1942, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

     She married John Riley Walkingstick, b. 2 May 1886, (son of Edward Walkingstick and Sallie Bean) d. 17 May 1940, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


                 i.    George5 Walkingstick, b. 2 Jan 1909 in Stilwell, Okla, d. 12 Jul 1962 in Stilwell, Okla, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla. 

                         August 3, 1962   Westville Record - WALKINGSTICK

                    Graveside funeral service for George Walkingstick, 52, was held July 23 in the England family cemetery on what was originally the Lincoln England (his grandfather's) home site.

                    Rev. George Guthrie was the officiating minister. Roberts Funeral Home was in charge of the burial.  Mr. Walkingstick, the son of John and Pamelia Walkingstick was born and reared in the England Hollow community. His death was ruled as from natural causes after an autopsy was performed at a Tulsa hospital.  He was found north of Stilwell near the railroad tracks July 18 by two men.  It was believed he had been dead five or six days. The body was taken by Adair County Attorney Lawrence T. Spray to Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, where a pathologist found there were no broken bones, concussion or wound of any kind.  There are no near relatives surviving, although there are a number of cousins.

                         He married Lula __________.

                 ii.   Laverne 'Vern' Walkingstick, b. 31 Jan 1920 in Stilwell, Okla, d. 2 Feb 1946 in Talihina, Okla, buried 4 Feb 1946 in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


65.  Charlotte4 England, (Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Oct 1891 in Baron, I.T., d. 30 Jan 1930, buried in Lincoln England Cemetery, Adair County, OK.

     She married Earl Dennington, b. 7 Apr 1893 in Marion Co., AR, (son of Samuel Dennington and Susan Nowlin).


                 i.    Frankie Dennington, b. ABT 1914.

                    She married __________ Smith.

                 ii.   Forest Dennington, b. ABT 1917.

                  iii.  Galelo E.5 Saunders, raised by Charlotte’s sister, Leona.


66.  Josephine 'Josie' Bertha4 Shell, (Nancy3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Oct 1868 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 2 Dec 1948 in Vinita, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.      Josie's Cherokee name was Jen-sie.  She attended school at the little log schoolhouse at Whitmire where her mother, Nancy Gritts had attended before her.

        Josie had a large photograph in an oval bent-glass frame of her grandfather, Arch Scraper shaking hands with President Abraham Lincoln.  It hung on the wall of her living room.

         She was always busy running here & there in that red scarf she liked to wear, helping wherever help was needed.  She was often seen walking down the trail from her house to Gertie Rector's place in Scraper Hollow, or along the road to Whitmire and Addielee, and back again to Christie.

        Josie was a school teacher at Stilwell, Okla. and was appointed Postmaster of Christie Okla in 1930.

        Josie married (1) ABT 1895, Eli Wofford.   Allen Candy mentions in his Indian Pioneer History interview July 22nd 1937, that Eli Wofford was a U.S. lawman who was killed along with Charley Proctor in a shooting scrape with some outlaws during an Indian Convention at a spring north of Tahlequah near Moody.

     Callie B. McNiece, states in her IPH interview that her Uncle Eli Wofford was the Chief of Police and was killed during the convention and another uncle, Leonard Williams, was wounded.  She continues, "They were arresting a drunk Indian when some of this Indian's political allies took up the matter and a free for all fight followed with the above result."


         126.  i.    Jess5 Wofford b. 8 Sep 1896.

     Josie married (2) ABT 1899, Lee Wyly.  Lee: Allen Candy mentions in his Indian Pioneer History Interview July 22nd1937, that Lee Wyly was a lawman.  Also states that Buff Wyly was a lawman as well.


         127.  ii.   Wilson E. Wofford b. 21 Oct 1900.

     Josiee married (3) 30 Sep 1907 in Bartlesville, I. T., Michael William Hendricks, b. ABT 1887, (son of David Hendricks and Margaret Manning) d. 24 Feb 1965, buried in Sand Springs, Okla


         128.  iii.   Margaret Mae Hendricks b. 1 May 1908.

                 iv.  Irene Norma Hendricks, b. 10 Aug 1910, d. 22 Oct 1927 in Haskell University, Lawrence, KS, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Irene died of a ruptured appendix.


67.  Mary Etta4 Scraper, (Archilla3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 Feb 1879 in Goingsnake District, I. T., d. 8 Jun 1926 in automobile accident near Ballard, Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Cherokee name was Go-he-nee or Go-gi-na-ee or Gah-hee-nee.  She was also called Oo-kie.

     She was called Nelly on the 1880 Goingsnake census.

     She married (1) 5 Apr 1903, Bird Knight, b. 5 Jan 1879 in Goingsnake Dist. I. T., (son of Dick Knightkiller and Polly Pheasant) d. 27 Dec 1930 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.   Bird was the republican nominee for county commisioner in 1916.


         129.  i.    Gertrude "Gertie"5 Knight b. 19 Feb 1902.

     She married (2) AFT 1904, Joseph N. Batson, b. ABT 1887, d. 12 Apr 1932 in Muskogee, Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


68.  Susie Helena4 Foreman, (Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Jan 1875 in Cancyo Ferry, I.T., d. 9 Sep 1916.

     She married John William Barritt, b. ABT 1876.


                 i.    Emory L.5 Barritt, b. 5 Sep 1898.

                 ii.   Archie E. Barritt, b. 26 Nov 1900.


69.  Sarah Elizabeth4 Foreman, (Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 15 Sep 1878 in Indian Territory, d. 12 Sep 1955 in Wagoner, Okla.

     She married Frank Daniel Murray, b. 31 Dec 1867 in Spencer, Indiana, (son of John Wiseman Murray and Martha M. Richardson) d. 13 Aug 1962 in Wagoner, Okla.


                 i.    Foreman5 Murray, b. ABT 1898 in Wagoner, Okla, d. ABT NOV 1912 in Wagoner, Okla.

         130.  ii.   Sarah Dessie Murray b. ABT 1900.

         131.  iii.   Annie Elizabeth Murray b. 24 Apr 1901.

         132.  iv.  Charles William Murray b. 1 Apr 1903.

         133.  v.   John Wisman Murray b. 10 Sep 1905.

         134.  vi.  Frank Daniel Jr Murray b. 23 Dec 1907.

         135.  vii.  Warren Murray b. 6 Jul 1912.


70.  Nancy4 Foreman, (Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 19 Feb 1881 in Spavinaw Creek, I.T.

     She married (1) 3 Jan 1901, John Thomas Gaylor, b. 20 Jun 1851 in Marion, TX, d. 25 Nov 1902.


                 i.    Elizabeth5 Gaylor, b. 24 Oct 1902.

     She married (2) ABT 1904, William Hallie Adamson, b. NOV 1876 in Iowa.


                 ii.   Benjamin F. Adamson, b. 27 Feb 1905.


71.  William E. 'Buster'4 Scraper, (Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 18 Mar 1880 in Baron, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 2 Mar 1947, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.  Cherokee name, Bost-tun Dee-stun-gost.  Attended Whitmire School at Whitmire Indian Territory and the Male Seminary at Tahlequah. (Adair County Probate record # 2970)

          William was raised by his grandfather, Arch Scraper.  He was married to Sallie E. Starr on April 5th, 1903.  William's cousin, Mary Etta Scraper, was married to Bird Knight on the same day, both marriages were performed by Johnson Spade.  Possibly a double marriage ceremony?

          Buster was called "Boston" by his friends, because he always wore a suit and tie, like one of them 'Philadelphia Lawyers' or fancy Eastern Attorneys.

          After winning some money in a poker game, while walking home through the woods, Buster was attacked by two thugs.  The hickory club they used in the assault broke in two, although it didn't even break his skin.  Buster drove off the would be robbers and continued on his way home. (from Tom & Olivene Coker)

          Buster was a good storyteller.  In those days there were no screens on the windows or doors.  Buster would sit on a cane bottom chair and everyone would gather around to hear the ghost story.   As there was very little furniture in the house, many of the kids would sit on the floor.  Gradually, while listening to the story, as the kids became more and more frightened, they would scoot closer and closer together.  By the end of the tale they were all bunched together in a tight circle. (as related to Don Cagle by Buster's niece, Susie Sanders).

        Buster married (1) 5 Apr 1903 in Indian Territory, Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Starr, b. 29 Dec 1882 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Joseph 'Joe' McMinn Jr. Starr and Susie Shell) d. 24 Feb 1936 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.   Everyone refered to Sarah as 'Aunt Kate'.  She was respected and loved by everyone who knew her.  Cherokee name was Zee kee unt.


                 i.    Albert5 Scraper, d. in infancy.

                 ii.   Leona Scraper, d. in infancy.

                 iii.   Susie Scraper, d. in died young.

         136.  iv.  Lula Scraper b. 23 Feb 1901.

         137.  v.   Alice "Babe" Scraper b. 29 Oct 1903.

                 vi.  Rachel Scraper, b. 1909, d. in died young.

         138.  vii.  William V. Scraper b. 25 Mar 1914.

                 viii. Cecilia Scraper, b. 11 Jul 1919.

                    She married (1) Russell Whitting.

                    She married (2) Lowell Straley.

         139.  ix.  Helen Roberta Scraper b. 3 May 1921.

         140.  x.   Olivene Scraper b. 5 Sep 1923.

        Buster married (2) Lydia "Lidda" England, b. 6 Nov 1898 in Indian Territory, (daughter of William England and Nancy 'Ah-yost-ta' Chewey) d. 16 Jun 1985, buried in England Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


                 xi.  Albert Scraper, b. 30 Apr 1920, d. 6 May 1936 in Pawnee, Okla, buried in England Cemetery, Adair Co.,  Okla.

        Buster married (3) AFT 1936, Lizzie Mills, b. 27 Jul 1894, (daughter of Milas "Samuel" Mills and Susie Bigfeather) d. 15 Dec 1972, buried in Norfork Cemetery?, Brushy Mt, Okla.


72.  Charles4 Sanders, (Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 15 Nov 1882 in GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 6 Aug 1938 in Tahlequah, Okla, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor , OK.  One day Charlie and his half-brother, Buster, got into a fight.  Busterhad a gun and was about to shoot Charlie when Buster's wife, Sallie, grabbed for the gun.  Charlie ended up getting shot in the foot.  After that incident, he always remained mad at Sallie.  He felt that she was one who got him shot, when actually she saved his life. (Tom & Olivene Coker)

     Charley Sanders, well known Proctor citizen, died in the Indian hospital at Tahlequah Saturday from injuries said to have been received in a fight near Christie some two weeks ago. Glen Grooms of Proctor was arrested on a charge of striking Sanders.  Sanders leaves a widow and nine children.

        Charles married (1) 19 Nov 1905, Jessie Othello Starr, b. 4 Dec 1888 in Cherokee Nation, I. T., (daughter of Joseph 'Joe' McMinn Jr. Starr and Susie Shell) d. 14 Nov 1965, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor ,OK.  Jessie: Cherokee name was Zee squin gaul.


                 i.    Martin Miles McIntosh5 Sanders, b. 8 Dec 1906, d. 31 Jan 1986 in Tahlequah, OK, buried in Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Arkansas City, KS.

                    He married (1) Maxine Finnell.

                    He married (2) Pearl Blair.

                    He married (3) Lucille J. Woodall Shell, b. 1908, d. 1 Jan 1976.

         141.  ii.   Arthur Whitney Sanders b. 20 May 1909.

                 iii.   Susie Irene Sanders, b. 30 Apr 1912, d. JUL 1973.

                    She married Paschal Rains.

                 iv.  Charlotte Alberta Sanders, b. 24 May 1914.

                    She married Samuel Cone.

         142.  v.   Louisa Clifton Sanders b. 30 May 1918.

                 vi.  Violet Cherokee Sanders, b. 28 Jan 1920.

                    She married (1) William Earl Trickett.

                    She married (2) Roy Hull.

                 vii.  Crystal Maxine Sanders, b. 2 Feb 1922, d. JUL 1997, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor, Okla.

                    She married __________ Butler.

                 viii. Lemuel Sanders, (details excluded).

         143.  ix.  Calvin Sanders b. 26 Jan 1926.

                 x.   Jessie Wahlelah Sanders, (details excluded).

                    She married Ray Skrzypczak, (details excluded).

                 xi.  Joseph Weldon Sanders, (details excluded).

                    He married Rebecca Brunner, (details excluded).

                 xii.  Robert William Sanders, (details excluded).

                    He married (1) Janie Cousins, (details excluded).

                    He married (2) Juaninta Hendricks, (details excluded).

     Charles met (2) Lucinda 'Alice' Starr, b. 21 Oct 1894 in Baron, I.T., (daughter of Joseph 'Joe' McMinn Jr. Starr and Susie Shell) d. 8 Apr 1979 in Jay, OK, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.


                 xiii. Pauline Wolfe, b. 5 Dec 1919, d. MAR 1966, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.

                    She married (1) Troy "Bid " Clinton.

                    She married (2) __________ Choate.


73.  Hugh "Steve"4 Wolfe, (Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. MAR 1886 in Proctor, I.T., d. 17 Jan 1916.

     He married (1) ABT 1905, Delilia Ruth Starr, b. 16 Sep 1887, (daughter of Joseph 'Joe' McMinn Jr. Starr and Susie Shell) d. 8 Sep 1976 in Tahlequah, Okla., buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.


         144.  i.    Etta Mae5 Wolfe b. 17 May 1907.

     He married (2) ABT 1909 in Adair Co, Okla, Charlotte Gritts, b. JAN 1889 in Goingsnake Dist. I.T., d. 3 Mar 1915.


                 ii.   Dave Wolfe, b. ABT 1911, d. in as a baby.

                 iii.   Charley Wolfe, b. ABT 1913, d. in as a baby.


74.  Redcloud4 Wolfe, (Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. SEP 1890 in Proctor, I.T., d. 20 May 1912.

     He married ABT 1910, Lucinda 'Alice' Starr, b. 21 Oct 1894 in Baron, I.T., (daughter of Joseph 'Joe' McMinn Jr. Starr and Susie Shell) d. 8 Apr 1979 in Jay, OK, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.


                 i.    /Wolfe/5 .

                 ii.   Josephine Wolfe, b. 1 Apr 1912, d. 28 Mar 1996.

                    She married (1) Peter Squirrel.

                    She married (2) Maxwell McMinn.


75.  James Franklin4 Scraper, (Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 15 Mar 1885 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. ABT 1937 in Vinita, Okla, buried in Vinita, Okla, Hospital Cemetery.  Cherokee name was Du-gee-see, shorter version Dugees (White Lightning). James was a large man and was a fortune teller (he read the cups).  He suffered from sinus problems.

     According to his WW I draft card he was living near Christie (Scraper Hollow) and working as a railroad tie maker for Dick Wolf at the time.

     He married ABT MAY 1918 in Picher, Okla, Gladys Broodie, b. ABT 1900 in Cherokee Nation West, AR. 


                 i.    Frank Cevis5 Scraper, b. 5 May 1920 in Okla, d. APR 1978 in Florida.  Moved to Florida.

                    He married Simone L. _____.

                 ii.   Archie 'Shorty' Scraper, b. 14 May 1923 in Oklahoma, d. 5 Nov 1957 in San Mateo, Calif, buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, military in Sgt US Army WW II.

         145.  iii.   Marie Scraper (details excluded).


76.  John Rufas4 Scraper, (Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 20 Oct 1891 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 15 Oct 1925 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  According to his WW I draft card, John was living near Proctor, Okla and working as a carpenter at Chiloco Indian School at the time.

     He married (1) Charlotte Bell, b. 11 Mar 1893, (daughter of Stephen C. Bell and Lula Knightkiller) d. 28 Sep 1920, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


                 i.    Archie5 Scraper, d. 5 Oct 1909 in infancy, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

     He married (2) ABT DEC 1920, Bertha Flora Corntassel, b. 17 Mar 1903, (daughter of Thomas Corntassel and Louisa Jane Wolf) d. 6 Jan 1989, buried in Old Green Cemetery, highway 62 between Christie & Westville, OK.


         146.  ii.   Louisa Jane Scraper b. 18 Mar 1922.

         147.  iii.   Betty Maxine Scraper b. 23 Feb 1924.

         148.  iv.  Lenora Scraper (details excluded).


77.  Robert Dale4 Scraper, (Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 31 Jul 1923 in near Asherville, KS, d. 28 Mar 2007 in Hiawatha, KS, buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Hiawatha, KS. 

        Regarding Bob's Uncle Manford Scraper--

               When Manford was a Night Watchman in Beloit, he was also a Street Commissioner.  One of his responsibilities was street maintenance.  He carried a broom and pushed a barrel contraption on wheels through town as he made his rounds.

          As a Police Officer in Beloit, Manford was about as kind and understanding as you could hope for.  For example, when he would see someone run a stop sign, he would blow his whistle to stop them.  Then he would give them the choice of backing up and stopping at the traffic sign properly, or going with him to the Police Station for a citation.  (from conversation with Bob Scraper on Oct 29th 2000, Joe Scraper Jr.)

          During my last year of high school some friends and I took a trip down to Oklahoma and Arkansas.  We went to check on the 40 acres that Uncle Manford owned over by Fayetteville.  That region is all cliffs and hills.  The land had alcohol stills and we were stopped and questioned three times before we got there by nervous moonshiners.  Heads would suddenly pop up and people would appear, where a moment before it had appeared vacant.  The land was mostly straight up and down, all hills and cliffs.  (Bob Scraper, conversation 1998)

        Robert married 17 May 1942 in Beaver, Okla., Vida Lee Davis, (daughter of Walter Davis and Effie Johnson).


         149.  i.    Robert 'David'5 Scraper (details excluded).

         150.  ii.   Larry Eugene Scraper b. 15 May 1947.

         151.  iii.   Randy Lee Scraper (details excluded).


78.  Mildred 'Kathleen'4 Scraper, (Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     She married Frank 'Pete' Critchfield, (details excluded).


                 i.    Elizabeth Joleen 'Betsy Jo'5 Critchfield, (details excluded).

         152.  ii.   Susan Coleen Critchfield (details excluded).


79.  Manford Noah (Jr)4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 22 Aug 1925 in Logan Township, Mitchell Co., KS, d. 2 Oct 2000 in at home near Siloam Springs, Arkansas, buried in Fairmont Cemetery, near Gentry/Siloam Springs, AR.      

         Manford Jr. said he was raised on cornbread and buttermilk.  His dad brought home buttermilk while he worked at the creamery.

           Manford Jr. once rescued his little brother Johnny at the St. Mary's, KS swimming pool.   The pool was drained on Sundays and filled again on Monday.  When the pool was partially filled, they would open for business.  The Scraper boys were playing at the pool while it was filling with water.  Johnny was working himself along the side of the pool by grabbing the overflow ledge, swimming a little, then grabbing the ledge again.  When he got to the deep end, he was unable to reach the ledge because of the low water.  Jr, who was walking at the side of the pool, saw Johnny going under for the third, and possibly the last time.  He came running and dove through the steel guard rail into the pool.  Even though he banged his head on the steel railing as he passed through, momentarily stunning himself and nearly cracking his head open, he was able to save his little brother.

          He joined the Navy on Aug 4th 1943 at age 17.  He was a Navy Sea-Bee in the south Pacific.   At one point due to a personnel shortage, he was pressed into service as a tail gunner on a mission.  Later he was shot up pretty bad while on patrol there.  He was the only one who survived an ambush.   A Japanese soldier walked up to him after the ambush, taunted him "Oh, so sorry, so sorry," then left him for dead.  Junior managed to crawl two miles back toward the base camp where he was able to call out and get the attention of someone at camp.  He spent about a year in Hawaii recovering and learning to walk again.


     Manford married (1) 8 May 1950, Bertha Marjorie Rose, b. 8 May 1932 in KS, d. DEC 2001.


         153.  i.    Wallace Noah5 Scraper b. 1 Oct 1951.

     Manford married (2) 20 Nov 1955 in El Dorado, KS, Marjorie May Witt, b. 31 Oct 1920, d. MAR 1993 in Arkansas, buried in Fairmont Cemetery, near Gentry/Siloam Springs, AR. 


         154.  ii.   John George Jr. Dean b. 10 Mar 1942.

         155.  iii.   Max Lee Scraper (details excluded).

                 iv.  Norman Eugene Scraper, (details excluded).


80.  Peggy Jean4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     She married Charles Hesler Sellers, b. 25 Aug 1926, (son of William Henry Sellers and Mary Emma Hanna) d. 6 Jan 1990, buried in Mulvane, KS.


         156.  i.    Donna Lynn5 Sellers (details excluded).

         157.  ii.   Patrick Alan Sellers (details excluded).


81.  Betty Lee4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Aug 1928 in Beloit, KS, d. 1 Sep 2005 in Colcord, Okla, buried in Greeley County Cemetery, Tribune, KS.

     She married 13 May 1950 in Beloit, KS, Howard Eugene Zimmerman, b. 24 Jan 1928 in Beloit, KS, (son of Robert Zimmerman and Lucy Farrar) d. 30 Jul 1991 in Leoti, KS, buried in Greeley County Cemetery, Tribune, KS. 


         158.  i.    Michael Eugene5 Zimmerman b. 12 Apr 1951.

                 ii.   Robert Henry Zimmerman, (details excluded).

         159.  iii.   Charles David Zimmerman (details excluded).

         160.  iv.  Kenneth Lee Zimmerman (details excluded).

         161.  v.   Dennis Earl Zimmerman (details excluded).


82.  Joseph Francis4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     Joseph married (1) Amelia Isabel Fueser, (details excluded).


         162.  i.    Elizabeth Ann5 Scraper (details excluded).

         163.  ii.   Joseph Francis (Jr) Scraper (details excluded).

         164.  iii.   Susan Amelia Scraper (details excluded).

         165.  iv.  Diana Frances Scraper (details excluded).

         166.  v.   James Louis Scraper (details excluded).

                 vi.  Stephanie Jo Scraper, (details excluded).

                    She married Brad Allen Shelley, (details excluded).

     Joseph married (2) Doris Darlene Keller, b. 4 Jun 1932 in Baldwin, KS, (daughter of Opie Ralph Keller and Gladys Helena Vaughn) d. 13 May 2001 in Lawrence, KS, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Baldwin, KS. 

            At the old house at 720 Baker Street in Baldwin City Kansas, Doris was the babysitter for many of the area children.  She treated these children as if they were her own and they all loved her very much.  To us Scraper kids she was a second mother and was very good to us.   Of the meals she cooked, a couple of my favorites were; hamburger gravy (white country gravy loaded with bits & pieces of hamburger over mashed potatoes), and enchiladas & sopapeeyas (she added an egg to the top of each enchilada and allowed them to cook together).

          She loved picking up bargains at garage sales and auctions.  In fact, I think that myself and her other step-children may have inherited our junk collecting from her.  (JSJr)

          Doris loved to watch shows like Perry Mason, Ironsides, Barnaby Jones, Agatha Christie, and mysteries or who-done-it shows.  She loved her TV shows so much that she would often tape a show from one channel while watching a different channel.  The VCR was a great friend of hers.  At times she would call Donna or any one of us and ask us to record something when yet a third program was airing at the same time.  Sometimes it seemed that those in charge of network programming intentionally put 3 or 4 of Doris' favorite programs on air at the same time just to watch her scramble! (JSJr)


83.  John Henry4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     He married Edith Magdalene Jessee, (details excluded).


         167.  i.    Lawrence ' Larry ' Steven5 Scraper b. 23 Jan 1955.

         168.  ii.   Darrell DeWayne Scraper (details excluded).

         169.  iii.   Sheila Lynne Scraper (details excluded).

         170.  iv.  Pamela Dineen Scraper (details excluded).


84.  Dotty Mae4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     She married Wayne Edwin Monaghan, (details excluded).


         171.  i.    Donna Lee5 Monaghan (details excluded).

         172.  ii.   Brenda Kjean Monaghan (details excluded).

         173.  iii.   Marsha Rae Monaghan (details excluded).

         174.  iv.  Thomas Wayne Monaghan (details excluded).

         175.  v.   Lisa Jo Monaghan (details excluded).


85.  Mary Kae4 Scraper, (Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

     She married (1) James Williams, (details excluded).


         176.  i.    Summer Rena5 Zerofski (details excluded).

     She married (2) Phillip Walter Zerofski, (details excluded).


                 ii.   Phillip Joseph Zerofski, (details excluded).


86.  Annie4 Christie, (Jennie3, Otter2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. FEB 1883 in Cherokee Nation, d. 12 Jul 1929 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Echota Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.

     She married ABT  JUN 1900, Daniel Scott, b. 31 Jul 1872 in Flint District, d. 16 Feb 1955 in Adair Co, Okla, buried in Echota Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.  Daniel was on the 1880 roll in Flint District as Obediah Scott.  Dan himself states in his Indian Pioneer History interview that he first went by the name Foster Scott, then Kennie Scott, then Ovedi(ah), and lastly Dan.


         177.  i.    Sally5 Scott.

         178.  ii.   Hickey Scott b. 17 Jul 1905.

                 iii.   Emma Scott.

                    She married __________ Tidwell.

                 iv.  Jennie Scott, b. ABT 1913, d. ABT 1942, buried in Echota Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                    She married __________ Sapp.


87.  Sallie Lynn4 Scraper, (Henry3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 7 Jun 1880 in Indian Territory, d. 11 Apr 1960 in Grove, OK, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla, buried in Sloan Cemetery, OK.

     She married 10 Jan 1895 in Grove, I.T., Joseph Marion England, b. 22 Feb 1870 in Grove, I. T., (son of William England and Sarah A. Mayes) d. 18 May 1947 in Grove, Okla, buried 20 May 1947 in Sloan Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.


                 i.    William 'Willie' Lawrence5 England, b. 19 Feb 1898 in Chelsea, I. T., d. 17 Mar 1941 in Talaheena, Okla, buried in Sloan Cemetery.

                    He married Bama Fields.

                 ii.   Virgil England, b. 6 Jun 1900, d. AFT 1960.

                 iii.   Pauline England, b. 3 Jan 1902 in Grove, I. T., d. 17 Mar 1959 in Grove, Okla, buried in Olympus Cemetery.

                    She married Hudson S. Sparkman.

                 iv.  Dudley England, b. 21 Mar 1903 in Grove, I. T., d. 26 Mar 1938 in Grove, Okla, buried in Sloan Cemetery, Okla.

                 v.   Henry Franklin England, b. 24 Dec 1904 in near Grove, I. T., d. 29 Mar 1943 in Grove, Okla, buried in Sloan Cemetery.

                    He married Ola Boggs.

                 vi.  Sarah England, b. 28 Jul 1906, d. 20 Nov 1932.

                    She married _________ Friend.

                 vii.  Jimmie S. England, b. 22 Sep 1910, d. 2 Sep 1935, buried in Sloan Cemetery, OK.

                 viii. Goldie England, b. 27 Aug 1914, d. 9 Jul 1915, buried in Sloan Cemetery, OK.


88.  Elijah 'Lige'4 Scraper, (Henry3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 27 Mar 1884, d. MAY 1968 in Bartlesville, OK, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.

     He married Maggie Bushyhead, b. ABT 1890, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.


                 i.    Henry5 Scraper, d. in age 1 year, buried in Henry Scraper Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.

                 ii.   John Ridge Scraper, b. 28 Oct 1909, d. 17 Jan 1971 in Okla.

                 iii.   Katherine Scraper, b. ABT 1912.

                 iv.  Lundan Christy Scraper, b. ABT 1914.


89.  Malinda4 Scraper, (Tom3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1883, d. AFT 1920.

     She married Jasper Guinn.


                 i.    _____5 Guinn.

                 ii.   Bull Guinn.


90.  Nancy4 Scraper, (Tom3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1886 in Delaware District, I.T., d. 4 Jan 1953 in Delaware Co., Okla, buried in Long Prairie Cemetery, Kansas, Delaware Co., Okla.

     She married 18 Aug 1907 in Delaware District, James Youngbird, b. ABT 1885 in Goingsnake Dist. I.T., (son of Isaac Youngbird and __________) d. 31 Oct 1957.


                 i.    Marie5 Youngbird, b. 5 Mar 1916, d. DEC 1985.

                    She married Arch Owens.

                 ii.   Thomas Youngbird, b. 15 May 1925, d. MAR 1985.


91.  Louis William4 Scraper, (Tom3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 9 Aug 1892 in Grove, I.T., d. 27 Oct 1932, buried in Wolford Cemetery, Delaware Co, Okla.

     He married 13 Mar 1920, Katheryn 'Kate' Leean Foreman, b. 5 Jul 1891 in Cherokee Nation West, (daughter of Jesse Elam Foreman and Rose Etta McLaughlin) d. 7 Mar 1989, buried in Wolford Cemetery.


         179.  i.    Thomas Warren5 Scraper b. 11 Feb 1921.

         180.  ii.   Jack Victor Q. Scraper b. 25 Nov 1923.


92.  Pigeon4 England, (Washington3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 17 Apr 1890, d. 15 Sep 1973 in Jay, Okla, buried in Butler Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.

     He married 28 Feb 1915, Lennah Maggie Guinn, b. 15 Jan 1895 in Polk Co., Tenn, (daughter of Bartholomew Cornelius Guinn and Cynthia Cooshingsbury) d. 25 Oct 1982 in Jay, Okla, buried in Butler Cemetery, Delaware Co., Okla.


         181.  i.    Marion Franklin5 England b. 16 Mar 1916.

                 ii.   Goldie May England, b. 13 Feb 1919 in Okla, d. 1 Feb 2001.

                    She married (1) Riley L. Nichols, b. 15 Jun 1931, d. 21 Apr 1994.

                    She married (2) Leaner Brashear.

                    She married (3) Vernie Goss.

                 iii.   Ross England.

                    He married Norma Henshaw.

                 iv.  Cora England.

                    She married Frank West, b. 5 Dec 1918, d. 29 Mar 2001.

                 v.   Dorothy England.

                    She married (1) Vernie Goss.

                    She married (2) _____ Dennison.

                 vi.  Wash England, b. 8 Jul 1930, d. 30 Aug 1932.

                 vii.  Norma Jean England, b. 31 Jan 1933 in Grove, Okla, d. 22 Feb 1997 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Okla.

                    She married (1) Bob J. George, b. 20 Dec 1932 in Copan, Okla, d. 28 Jul 1973 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Okla.

                    She married (2) Ernest McCoy, b. 13 Feb 1920, d. JUN 1987.


93.  Andrew4 England, (Washington3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1903.

     He married Bessie __________, b. ABT 1902.


                 i.    Sequoyah5 England, b. ABT 1920.


94.  Lucy Elizabeth4 England, (John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 3 Sep 1884, d. 30 Nov 1973, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.

     She married 1 Mar 1907, George F. Mitchell, b. 1874, d. 1954, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.


                 i.    Irene Derotha5 Mitchell.

                 ii.   Elmer Sherman Mitchell.

                 iii.   Beulah Beatrice Mitchell.

                 iv.  Sadie Belle Mitchell.

                 v.   Gordon Mitchell.

                 vi.  Juanita Merle Mitchell.

                 vii.  George Huston Mitchell.

                 viii. Virginia Lee Mitchell.


95.  Frances Cordelia4 England, (John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 8 Jan 1888, d. FEB 1985.

     She married 14 Nov 1906, George Walter Francis, b. ABT 1882, d. 1972.


                 i.    Callie5 Francis, b. 5 Jul 1915.

                 ii.   Cecil Francis.

                 iii.   Dorothy Francis.

                 iv.  Haskell Francis.

                 v.   Sam Francis, b. 13 Sep 1912.


96.  Elva Dorothy4 England, (John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 Feb 1890, d. 24 Nov 1914, buried in Beck Cemetery, Rogers Co., Okla.

     She married Charles Ott Ragsdale, b. 1887, d. 1980.


                 i.    Lavonda5 Ragsdale, b. 10 Mar 1913.

                    She married Glenn M. Ramsey.


97.  Beulah4 England, (John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 3 Jul 1891, d. 5 Aug 1983, buried in Beck Cemetery.

     She married Isaac M. Hopkins, d. 15 Dec 1939, buried in Beck Cemetery.


         182.  i.    Woodrow Wilson5 England b. 14 Jan 1915.


98.  Benjamin Sidney4 England, (John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Apr 1894, d. 4 Nov 1976, buried in Lone Chapel Cemetery.

     He married 23 Sep 1912, Charlotte Ellen “Lottie” Collier, b. 30 Jan 1894, d. 11 Nov 1971, buried in Lone Chapel Cemetery.


         183.  i.    Sidney Edgar 'Dugan'5 England b. 10 Feb 1927.

         184.  ii.   Edith England (details excluded).

                 iii.   Leslie "Gene" England, (details excluded).

                    He married Betty L. Cherry, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Lois 'Pauline' England, b. 12 Jul 1913, d. 22 Jun 1990.

                    She married 17 Dec 1929, Luther Newton Thompson.

                 v.   Gretchen England.

                 vi.  Frances England.

                 vii.  Eula England, b. 4 Sep 1924, d. 9 Feb 1977, buried in Washington Cemetery.

                    She married 23 Mar 1945, Alvin Taylor.

                 viii. Bonnie England, b. 24 May 1917, d. 29 Sep 1989, buried in Washington Cemetery.

                    She married William Samuel Barnes, buried in Washington Cemetery.

                 ix.  Wanda England.

                 x.   Phillip Chandler "Chum" England, b. 20 Jan 1921, buried in Lone Chapel Cemetery.

                    He married 9 Sep 1942, Margie Jane Tullock.



Generation Five


99.  Daniel5 Hummingbird, (Jennie4, Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Aug 1883 in Flint District, Cherokee  Nation.  Cherokee name was Ah-huh-mah   Wah-la-lu.

     He married Lucy Mankiller, b. ABT 1885.


                 i.    Dick6 Hummingbird, b. 23 Jul 1903.

                 ii.   Mary Jane Hummingbird, b. July 18, 1915, d. Aug 2, 1993, buried in McLemore Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                    She (1) married Roland "Roy" Sanders.


                         i.  William Lee Sanders, b. June 12, 1937, d. Jan 15, 1993


                                 i.   Dianne Sanders

                                 ii.  Sharon Sanders

                          ii.  LeRoy Sanders.

                          iii. Kenneth Sanders

                          iv. Bobby Sanders

                          v.  Mary Ann Sanders, m. Gerald R. 'Jerry' White (son of Harold & Pearl White)


                                 i.   Robert White, m. Brandy Patterson

                                 ii.  Jerry White

                                 iii. Angie White

                    She (2) married June 20, 1967 in Adair Co., Okla, Sam Scraper, b. 21 Nov 1906 in Indian Territory, (son of Dick Scraper and Rebecca "Becky" Hopper) d. 22 Feb 1999 in Stilwell, OK, buried in McLemore Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                 iii.   Charley Hummingbird, b. 5 Jul 1905.


100. Mary B.5 Bunch, (Jug4, Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1883, d. 1963, buried in Rabbit Bunch Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

      She married Mitchel Bigfeather, b. 27 Feb 1876, (son of Benjamin Bigfeather and Lucy Locust) d. 1947, buried in Rabbit Bunch Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


                 i.    Jennie6 Bigfeather, b. ABT 1904.

                    She married __________ Snell.

                 ii.   Lucy Bigfeather.

                 iii.   Augustus Bigfeather.


101. Mary 'Maggie'5 Bunch, (Alex4, Jennie3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1886, d. 27 Jun 1905 in Goingsnake District, I. T.

      She married Lewis Matoy, b. ABT 1871.


                 i.    Sarah6 Matoy, b. ABT 1900.

                 ii.   William Matoy, b. 4 Jul 1902, d. 18 Jul 1904 in Goingsnake District, I. T.


102. Walter5 Justice, (Arch4, Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 28 Aug 1888 in Goingsnake Dist. I. T., d. 10 Sep 1975 in Tahlequah, OK.  Walter lived across from the Green Church, Adair County, Okla.   His Cherokee name was Wa-da-tsi-gi-li.

      He married 25 Jan 1908 in Goingsnake District/Adair Co., Okla, Freddie Dunawas, b. 7 Jun 1891 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Fred Dunawas and Lizzie Davis) d. 11 Apr 1982 in Rose, Okla.  Freddie: Cherokee name was Chee-yuh-sa (Chu yo sa).  Wolf Clan.


                 i.    Virginia Lee6 Justice, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

                 ii.   Mamie Justice, b. 24 Jan 1909, d. 7 Jul 1910.

         185.  iii.   Authur W. Justice b. 23 May 1912.

                 iv.  Lillian M. Justice, b. 1915.

                    She married _____ Cox.

                 v.   Fred Justice, b. 24 Sep 1917, d. 4 Dec 1917, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

                 vi.  Melvin Ray Justice, b. 13 Dec 1918, d. 20 Jan 1919, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

         186.  vii.  Jim Raymond Justice b. 17 Mar 1920.

         187.  viii. Mildred Justice b. 1922.

                 ix.  Ellen Jean Justice, b. 1926, d. DEC 1998.

                    She married William Glass.


103. Nellie5 Keys, (Mollie4, Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.

      She married Steve Waterdown, b. 18 Mar 1898 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, (son of Leach Waterdown and Nellie Killiniger) d. SEP 1944, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.


                 i.    Betsy6 Waterdown.

         188.  ii.   Sundie Waterdown b. 9 Jan 1927.

         189.  iii.   Allen "Bullet" Waterdown b. 12 Oct 1934.


104. Calvin5 Fixin, (Ollie4, Betsey3, Oo-le-nah-wee2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 14 Feb 1918, d. SEP 1974.

      He married 30 Mar 1942 in Stilwell, Okla, Coweta Zetta Philpott, b. 4 Dec 1925 in Barber, Okla, (daughter of E. C. Philpott and Mary Clay) d. 9 Mar 2002 in Tahlequah, Okla, buried in Barber Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Okla.


         190.  i.    Barbara Ellen6 Fixin.

                 ii.   Calvin Clinton 'Clint' Fixin.


105. William Edward5 Sanders, (Henrietta4, Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 24 Oct 1896, d. 1985 in Claremore, Okla.

      He married Anna Wright, b. 19 Jul 1914 in Gentry, AR, d. 1992 in Claremore, Okla.


                 i.    Frank Eugene6 Sanders.

                 ii.   Donald Ray Sanders.

         191.  iii.   Louetta Sanders.

                 iv.  William Edward Sanders, (details excluded).

                    He married Diane _____, (details excluded).


106. Dewitt Clark5 Sanders, (Henrietta4, Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 30 Jun 1898.

      He married Ruth Ann Bivens.


                 i.    Julia6 Sanders.

                 ii.   Jim Clark Sanders.  Jim's twin brother, Joe, died at birth.

                 iii.   Joe Sanders, d. at birth.


107. Henry Kenneth5 Sanders, (Henrietta4, Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 Oct 1902, d. 29 Sep 1936, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, OK.

      He married 1925, Lillie Trail.


                 i.    Kenneth6 Sanders.


108. M. Connelly5 Sanders, (Henrietta4, Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 16 Aug 1906 Claremore, I. T

      He married SEP 1928, Lucile Evelyn Horaney, b. 11 Feb 1907 in Shawnee, Okla.


         192.  i.    Connelly Jr.6 Sanders (details excluded).

         193.  ii.   Beverly Jane Sanders (details excluded).


109. Owen Bates5 Sanders, (Henrietta4, Henry3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 25 Sep 1914, d. 23 Feb 2004.

      He married Clara O'Neil.


                 i.    John Henry "Jack"6 Sanders.

                 ii.   William Joseph Sanders.  William and John Henry were twins.

                    He married Pat __________.

                 iii.   Paul Owen Sanders.


110. Edward Bates Jr.5 Frayser, (Lydia4, Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1).

      He married Beatrice __________, b. 28 Feb 1917.


                 i.    Clark6 Frayser.

                 ii.   Tim Frayser.

         194.  iii.   Rebecca Frayser (details excluded).


111. Charles Wilson5 Frayser, (Lydia4, Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 7 Jul 1914, d. 1 Jun 2000 in Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, Okla.

      He married ABT 1947 in Vinita, Okla, Meda Maxine Mock, b. in Catate, Okla, d. 1 Jun 2000 in Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, Okla.


         195.  i.    Bates6 Frayser.

                 ii.   Sahgie Frayser.


112. George Washington III5 Clark, (George4, Lydia3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 2 Jan 1914, d. 31 Jul 1941 in near Grove, Okla, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK.

      He married /__________ /.


                 i.    George Earl6 Clark, (details excluded).

                    He married Claudia __________, (details excluded).


113. Walter Adair5 West, (Leona4, Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 15 Apr 1900, d. 1973.  Cherokee name was Watt.

      He married Mary L. Sellers, b. 4 Jul 1901, d. ABT 1983, buried in West Cemetery.


         196.  i.    Kathleen Adair6 West (details excluded).

         197.  ii.   Leonard Elmore West (details excluded).

         198.  iii.   Leona Vaudell West (details excluded).

         199.  iv.  Jaunita Pearl West (details excluded).


114. Sallie Ellen5 West, (Leona4, Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 12 Sep 1906 in Strang, Okla, d. 12 Oct 1975 in Chehalis, WA.

      She married Jack Wilburn Carter, b. 13 Jul 1907 in Strang, Okla, d. 29 Jun 1956 in Hoquiam, WA.


                 i.    William Duncan6 Carter, b. 27 Aug 1929 in Strang, Okla, d. 1 Nov 2000 in Strang, Okla.

                 ii.   John Lilburn Carter.

                 iii.   Jackie J. Carter.

                 iv.  Robert L. Carter.


115. Willie 'Bill' Louise5 Ross, (Joanna4, Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1902.    Bill helped a surveyor named Flood lay out the town of Strang, OK, which officially became a town on  Feb 14, 1913.  Bill was about 11 at the time as she tagged along and helped move the chains.   Mr. Flood was boarding at Bill's parents place, W. L. Ross & Josie (Scraper) Ross. The town of Strang started as a railroad depot.   The Lynch's Prairie settlement was located one mile north of Strang.

      She married 24 Apr 1920, Henry 'Clay' Cochran, b. 21 Sep 1901.


                 i.    Louise6 Cochran.

                 ii.   Keller 'Mozelle' Cochran, b. 16 Aug 1921.

                    She married Sherman Stockton.


116. Lucille5 Ross, (Joanna4, Joseph3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1904.

      She married Burl Hatler.


         200.  i.    Betty Mae6 Hatler.


117. Ethel Naomi5 Scott, (Lula4, Delilah3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 26 Jul 1893 in Wimer, Saline District, I. T., d. 31 Oct 1959 in Coffeyville, KS.

      She married 8 May 1912, Benjamin Harrison Rhodes, b. 21 Oct 1889 in Edna, KS, d. 23 Sep 1953 in Coffeyville, KS.


                 i.    Joseph Alden6 Rhodes, (details excluded).

                    He married Ellen Jeanette Elsworth, (details excluded).


118. James A.5 Scott, (Lula4, Delilah3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 4 Apr 1896.

      He married 20 Jul 1920 in Tulsa, Okla, Laura Bell Harrison, b. 1 May 1903 in Centralia, Okla, d. 1 Jan 1994, buried in Martin Cemetery. 

        Cherokee Advocate - April 1994  -  Laura Bell Scott, 90, of Coffeyville, Kansas, died January 1. Services were held January 6, in the Graves Funeral Home Chapel. Burial was in the Martin Cemetery in Oklahoma.  She was born May 1, 1903, in Centralia, Okla., Indian Territory, to William M. and Minnie E. Nunnalee Harrison.  She grew up and attended school in the Centralia area, also attending Happy Hill School.  She was an original enrollee of the Cherokee Nation and lived in Coffeyville for 70 years.  On July 20, 1920, she married James A. Scott in Tulsa, Okla.  She was a life member and past president of the V.F.W. Auxiliary and also did volunteer work with the U.S.O. during WW II.  Among those she leaves behind are four sons, Vernon, Glenn and James, all of Okla., and Melvin of Kansas; three daughters, Minnie of Ark., Patricia of Kansas and Hallee of Okla.; one sister, Golda of Okla.; 24 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren; and six great great grandchildren.


                 i.    Vernon6 Scott.

                 ii.   Glenn Scott.

                 iii.   James Scott.

                 iv.  Melvin Scott.

                 v.   Patricia Scott.

vi.     Hallee Scott.

vii.    Minnie Scott


119. David Van " Jack "5 Rowe, (Martin4, Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 20 Dec 1901 in Ft. Gibson, Indian Territory.

      He married Beulah Rollen.


                 i.    Jack6 Rowe.

                 ii.   Martin Van Rowe, b. 29 May 1923 in Muskogee, Okla, d. 9 Jul 1947 in Tulsa, Okla.

         201.  iii.   Roland Benge Rowe b. 12 Oct 1921.


120. Virginia5 Rowe, (Clem4, Elizabeth3, George2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 May 1921 in Pryor, Okla, d. 23 Feb 1993 in Seattle, WA.

      She married John Archibald McKillip, b. 28 Jun 1913 in Flagstaff, AZ, d. 26 Apr 1975 in Seattle, WA.


                 i.    _____6 McKillip.

                    He married __________ Bleck.


121. Sally Ada5 Walkingstick, (Simon4, Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Jan 1895 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 26 Oct 1993, buried in Battle Creek, Michigan.

      She married George Nelson, b. 24 Nov 1897, d. APR 1982, buried in Battle Creek, Michigan.


                 i.    Cheryl6 Nelson.


122. Simon Ralph Jr5 Walkingstick, (Simon4, Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 16 Aug 1896 in Tahlequah, I.T., d. 13 Dec 1972, buried in Church Cemetery, Cold Springs, New Jersey.

      He married 15 Dec 1917 in Syracuse, NY, Margaret Emma McKaig.


                 i.    Betty6 Walkingstick.

                    She married Donald Theobold.

                 ii.   Charles "Mack" Walkingstick, b. 1922 in Muskogee, Okla.  Enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1941 and saw action in the Pacific theater of World War II at Saipan, Roi-Namur in the Marshall Islands, and Okinawa. He was with the Second Marine Corps division when it entered Nagasaki, Japan, after the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on that city.

         202.  iii.   Syvertsen Ralph Walkingstick b. 3 Jul 1920.


123. Celeta5 Walkingstick, (Simon4, Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 13 Dec 1897 in Scraper Hollow, GoingSnake District, I.T., d. 3 Mar 1959, buried in Rochester, Michigan.

      She married (1) Wilburn Harger Laybourn.

      She married (2) William Elliott, d. 13 Dec 1959.


                 i.    Gloria6 Elliott.


124. Benjamin Taylor5 Walkingstick, (Simon4, Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 3 Jul 1905, d. 20 Apr 1996, buried in Okmulgee Cemetery.

      He married Theone Leah Grove.


                 i.    Benjamin Thacker6 Walkingstick.

                 ii.   May Walkingstick.


125. Haskell P.5 Whitmire, (Lydia4, Elizabeth3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1907, d. 5 Nov 1941 in near Christie, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla. 

        Adair County Democrat    Nov 7, 1941-  Just as we go to press, we learn of the death of Haskell WHITMIRE, about 35 years old, well known Cherokee citizen of the Adielee community, who died suddenly Wednesday afternoon. Complete details are not available at this time, but from the best we can learn, he died in a truck near Christie.  The funeral will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at Whitmire.

        He married 28 Feb 1932, Nettie Caroline Cox, b. 25 Nov 1911, d. 19 Jan 2007, buried in Stilwell, Okla.


         203.  i.    Haskell J. G.6 Whitmire (details excluded).

         204.  ii.   Della Ann Whitmire (details excluded).


126. Jess5 Wofford, (Josephine4, Nancy3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 8 Sep 1896, d. DEC 1964, buried in Ft. Gibson, military in Captain, U. S. Army.

      He married (1) /__________ /.


                 i.    Peggy6 Wofford.

                    She married __________ Hall.

                 ii.   Faye Wofford.

                    She married _____ Steel.

      He married (2) Johnnie __________, b. in Germany ?.


                 iii.   Bonnie Wofford.


127. Wilson E.5 Wofford, (Josephine4, Nancy3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 21 Oct 1900, d. 25 May 1942 in Muskogee, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  Wilson was run over by a train and killed in Muskogee, Okla.

      WOFFARD   5-29-1942   Westville Record-  E. Wilson Woffard, age 41, of Christie, was fatally injured Monday night by a M-K-T switch engine in Muskogee. According to reports the body was found lying between the tracks, with the mangled left arm extending across the rail.  He was taken to the Muskogee General Hospital but was dead upon arrival there.  The body was returned to his home for burial.

      He married Janie C. Christie, b. 13 Nov 1901.  Janie was a school teacher and she ran the Christie Post Office for awhile.  Her sister married Biscuit Ross. (from Ruby Culbertson).


         205.  i.    Evelyn W.6 Wofford (details excluded).

         206.  ii.   Joanna C. Wofford b. 30 Jan 1929.

                 iii.   George Wofford, b. 27 Feb 1933, d. 26 Sep 1964 in Muskogee, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

         207.  iv.  Charles "Buff" Edward Buffington Wofford (details excluded).


128. Margaret Mae5 Hendricks, (Josephine4, Nancy3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 May 1908, d. 4 Oct 1938 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Whitmire Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

      She married Chester Parks, b. 2 Jul 1905 in Noonan, GA, (son of William Byrd Parks and Cora Askew) d. 15 Oct 1960, buried in Tulsa, Okla.


         208.  i.    William Byrd 'Bill'6 Parks b. 12 Oct 1926.

         209.  ii.   Carolyn Marie Parks (details excluded).


129. Gertrude "Gertie"5 Knight, (Mary4, Archilla3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 19 Feb 1902 in Addielee, I.T., d. 1 May 1991 in Pryor, Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, highway 62 between Christie & Westville, OK.  Gertie's Cherokee name was Gay-yah (Little Woman).  Funeral  record shows her full name as Grace Gertrude Rector.

      She married 1920 in Westville, Ok, Rayburn N. "Rabe" Rector, b. 13 Sep 1894 in AR, (son of Thomas H. Rector and Eva Caroline Carrington) d. 2 Feb 1980 in Stilwell, Okla, buried in Westville Cemetery,  OK.  Rayburn: Rabe was called 'U-lay-what' in Cherokee.


                 i.    _____6 Rector, b. 1922, d. 1922, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.

         210.  ii.   Harold 'Son' Rector b. 1923.

                 iii.   Darlene Rector, b. 22 Jan 1925, d. 22 Jan 1925, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.

         211.  iv.  Clifford 'Tip' Rector (details excluded).

         212.  v.   Carol Jean Rector (details excluded).

                 vi.  Ralph Rector, b. 18 Jul 1930 in Scraper Hollow, Adair Co., Okla, d. 4 Sep 1930 in Scraper Hollow, Adair Co., Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

         213.  vii.  Mary Alene Rector (details excluded).

         214.  viii. Forrest 'Benny' Ray Rector b. 14 Jul 1935.

         215.  ix.  Donald Dean Rector (details excluded).

         216.  x.   Marilyn Ruth Rector (details excluded).


130. Sarah Dessie5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. ABT 1900.

      She married __________ York.


                 i.    Harry Milton "Micky"6 York.

                    He married Marilyn _____.


131. Annie Elizabeth5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 24 Apr 1901 in Wagoner, I. T., d. 23 Sep 1991 in Wagoner, Okla.

      She married 10 Aug 1921 in Chouteau, Okla., John Henry Stout, b. 1 Feb 1897 in Wagoner, I. T., d. 3 Oct 1953 in Fresno, Calif.


         217.  i.    Marvin Andrew6 Stout.

         218.  ii.   James Abe Stout.

         219.  iii.   William Henry Stout.

         220.  iv.  Robert Franklin Stout.

                 v.   Johnny Murray Stout.

                    He married Betty Jean Harmon.

                 vi.  Elizabeth Ruth Stout.

                 vii.  Samuel Mitchel Stout, b. 21 Apr 1931, d. 21 Aug 1952.


132. Charles William5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 Apr 1903, d. 10 Sep 1990.

      He married Bessie Ann Cannon.


         221.  i.    Granville Daniel "Buck"6 Murray.

         222.  ii.   Ruby Murray.

         223.  iii.   Charles Grant "Jack" Murray.

         224.  iv.  Martha Elizabeth Murray b. 11 Jul 1928.

         225.  v.   William "Bill" Murray (details excluded).


133. John Wisman5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 10 Sep 1905, d. 18 Nov 1964 in Wagoner, Okla.

      He married Roberta Satterwhite, b. 29 Aug 1911, d. 10 Nov 1988 in Tulsa, OK.


                 i.    Robert6 Murray.

                    He married Linda _____.


134. Frank Daniel Jr5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Dec 1907 in Wagoner, Okla., d. 10 Mar 1992 in Wagoner, Okla., buried 13 Mar 1992 in Elmwood Cemetery, Wagoner, Okla.

      He married 7 Sep 1929, Margaret Allene "Maggie" Walker.  Margaret: See "A Look at Wagoner County" by the Oklahoma Extension Homemakers Council, 1980.


                 i.    Wayne Harrison6 Murray.

                    He married Mary Rice.

                 ii.   Harold Gene Murray.

                    He married Ruth Carter.

                 iii.   Ranle 'Bruce' Murray.

                    He married Myrna Johnson.

         226.  iv.  James Daniel Murray.


135. Warren5 Murray, (Sarah4, Annie3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 6 Jul 1912 in Wagoner, Okla, d. 1943 - 1944 in WW II near Lartarassa, Italy.

      He married Rosa Edith Walker.


                 i.    Cleon6 Murray.

                 ii.   Kenneth Ray Murray.

         227.  iii.   Foreman David Murray b. 3 May 1936.


136. Lula5 Scraper, (William4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Feb 1901 in Indian Territory, d. 16 Dec 1983 in Westville, Okla, buried in Downing Cemetery, OK.  Lulu taught Aunt Marge and Uncle Manford Scraper Jr. how to do Cherokee beadwork.  She was also an expert in the art of  basket making.

      She married Troy Gibbins, b. 29 Jul 1900 in Indian Territory, (son of Samuel Edward Gibbens and Rosie Rains) d. 30 Sep 1984 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Downing Cemetery, OK.


                 i.    Madeline6 Gibbins, b. 1922, d. 4 Feb 1924, buried in Downing Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.  The Adair County Gleaner, Feb 1924 -

                    The little three year old daughter of Troy Gibbins and Lula Scraper, died Wednesday night with spinal trouble and pneumonia.  Funeral was held at the Downing Cemetery near Baron.

                         The angel of death visited the home of Wm. Scraper Wednesday night Feb 4th and bore away their little daughter Madaline who had been ill for some time.  Interment was made in Downing Cemetery Thursday afternoon.  We extend to the parents and family our sympathy.


137. Alice "Babe"5 Scraper, (William4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 29 Oct 1903 in Cherokee Nation, d. 4 Mar 1969 in Westville, Okla, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.

      She married George Blackwood, b. 5 Oct 1903 in Goingsnake District, (son of Isaac Blackwood and Annie Gettingdown) d. 12 Nov 1968 in Stilwell, Okla, buried in Downing Cemetery, Baron, Okla.  George: George used to haul people in his truck to pick strawberries, or beans, etc.  He knew where the bests spots were located and he charged 50 cents per person, and later $1.00 per person to take them there.


                 i.    Patricia6 Blackwood.

                    She married A.D. Lindsey.

                 ii.   Quanah Jay Blackwood.

                 iii.   Emmott Blackwood.

         228.  iv.  Raymond Blackwood b. 20 May 1921.

                 v.   Cecil Blackwood.

                 vi.  Emma Blackwood.

                    She married __________ Watson.

                 vii.  Lana Sue Blackwood.

                    She married James L. Hawkins, June 1963.

         229.  viii. Eugene 'Bun' Blackwood b. 9 Oct 1925.

         230.  ix.  Maegene Blackwood b. 9 Oct 1925.

         231.  x.   Douglas Blackwood b. 8 Oct 1927.


138. William V.5 Scraper, (William4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 25 Mar 1914, d. 13 Apr 1990 in Seattle, WA, military in U. S. Army, WW II - Company D, 20th Infantry, Hawaiian Islands, buried in Bothell Cemetery, Bothell, Washington.

      He married (1) Jean Johnson.


                 i.    William Robert 'Bobby'6 Scraper.

      He married (2) Kathryn 'Ruth' _____, b. 10 Apr 1917, d. 7 Oct 1993, buried in Bothell Cemetery, Bothell, Washington.


                 ii.   Dwayne K. Scraper, (details excluded).


139. Helen Roberta5 Scraper, (William4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 3 May 1921 in Baron, OK, d. 11 Mar 1995 in Stilwell, OK, buried in Downing Cemetery, Westville, Okla.

      She married 8 Jun 1945 in Seattle, WA, Fred Mikel Clausen, b. 19 Apr 1910 in Magnet, Nebraska, (son of Theodore Otto Clausen and Estella Mae Engelhaupt) d. 24 Feb 1987 in Corvalis, Oregon.


         232.  i.    Sally Elizabeth6 Clausen.


140. Olivene5 Scraper, (William4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 5 Sep 1923 in Baron, Okla, d. 9 Aug 2005 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Tulsa, Okla.

      She married (1) Thomas Edward Coker, b. 15 Oct 1923, (son of Gibson Coker and _________) d. 2 Dec 2001 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Tulsa, Okla.


         233.  i.    Thomas Jr6 Coker.

         234.  ii.   Emily Coker.

      She married (2) _____ Givens.


         235.  iii.   David Earl Givens.


141. Arthur Whitney5 Sanders, (Charles4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 20 May 1909 in Barron, Okla.

      He married Wanda Taylor, b. in Christie, Adair Co., Okla.


                 i.    Joella Mae6 Sanders, b. 13 Jan 1941 in Adair Co., Okla, d. 10 Apr 1942 in Adair Co., Okla, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor, Okla.


142. Louisa Clifton5 Sanders, (Charles4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 30 May 1918 in Okla, d. 28 Apr 1974 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

      She married BEF 1947, Jasper Swake, b. 11 Mar 1917 in Christie, Okla, (son of Charlotte Bell) d. 19 Jul 2005 in Tulsa, Okla, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


         236.  i.    Carolyn6 Swake.

         237.  ii.   Charlie Swake.


143. Calvin5 Sanders, (Charles4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 26 Jan 1926, d. 21 Apr 1997, buried in Proctor Cemetery, Proctor, Okla.

      He married (1) Lorene B. Cagle, b. 4 Nov 1931 in Baron, Okla, d. 4 Dec 2004, buried in Downing Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.


         238.  i.    Judith6 Sanders.

         239.  ii.   Debbie Sanders.

         240.  iii.   C. Scott Sanders.

      He married (2) Ruby Smith.


144. Etta Mae5 Wolfe, (Hugh4, Louisa3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 17 May 1907, d. 14 Jul 1997.

      She married Jeffy Vann.


                 i.    Donald6 Vann.


145. Marie5 Scraper, (James4, Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married (1) Joe Sellers, (details excluded).


                 i.    Billy D.6 Sellers, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Denise 'Dee Dee' Sellers, (details excluded).

                    She married ________ Brown, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Robert Roy 'Hoss' Sellers, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Charles 'Chuck' Sellers, (details excluded).

                 v.   Susan Marie Sellers, (details excluded).

                    She married _________ Kester, (details excluded).

                 vi.  Tina Sellers, (details excluded).

                    She married Tim Ketcher, (details excluded).

                 vii.  Barbara Sellers, (details excluded).

                 viii. Malinda Kay Sellers, (details excluded).

                 ix.  John Sellers, (details excluded).

         241.  x.   Buffalo Joe Sellers (details excluded).

                 xi.  Skyler Jerome Sellers, (details excluded).

      She married (2) ________ Snodgrass, (details excluded).


146. Louisa Jane5 Scraper, (John4, Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 18 Mar 1922, d. 17 Nov 1991, buried in Old Green Cemetery, Adair Co, Okla.  Louisa's Cherokee name was Gay-tee.   Jobe Alexander called her "Toofie", and it became her nickname.

      She married (1) 18 Mar 1946 in Hominy, Okla, Marvin Huber, military in Master Sergeant.

      She married (2) AFT 1946, Bill Cochran.


                 i.    William Taylor6 Cochran.

                    He married Patty __________.


147. Betty Maxine5 Scraper, (John4, Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Feb 1924, d. 14 Jun 1997 in Okla.  Betty's Cherokee name was "Quat-sie".

      She married Wallace Garner.


         242.  i.    Wayne6 Garner.

         243.  ii.   Ricky Garner.

                 iii.   John Ray Garner.

         244.  iv.  Vivian Garner.

                 v.   Janice Garner.

                    She married ________ Laws.

                 vi.  Raymond Garner.


148. Lenora5 Scraper, (John4, Albert3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Elmer Hamilton, (details excluded).


                 i.    Elmer Charles6 Hamilton, (details excluded).

         245.  ii.   James Leon Hamilton (details excluded).


149. Robert 'David'5 Scraper, (Robert4, Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Sandra S. Cooper, b. 12 Jul 1943 in Marion, KS, d. 13 Sep 1992 in Wichita, KS, buried in Mt Hope Cemetery, Hiawatha, KS. 

        Onaga Herald, September 17, 1992  Obituary-Sandra S. Scraper

      Sandra S. Scraper, 49, of R.R. #1, Conway Springs, died Sunday, September13, 1922 at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Wichita, following an automobile accident near Andale, Kansas.

      She was born July 12, 1943, at Marion to Wyatt W. and Ruth E. Frey Cooper. She was reared at Hiawatha where she attended public school and graduated from Hiawatha High School with the Class of 1961. She attended Emporia State University.  She was married to R. David Scraper on July 6, 1961, at Emporia. They made their first home at Emporia. They later moved to Onaga where her husband was principal in the USD #322 school system. They moved to Conway Springs from Onaga in the fall of 1985.

      Mrs. Scraper had worked for Cobean-Ren Attorneys at Law at Wellington; and for the past year and a half had been a legal secretary for Matlack-Foote Attorneys at Law in Wichita.  She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Conway Springs; the Business and Professional Women, which she served two terms as president; and the Wichita legal Secretaries Association.  Survivors include her husband, David Scraper of the home; four sons, Michael Scraper and Joel Scraper, Wichita, Jeffrey Scraper, St. Louis, Mo., and Greg Scraper of the home; her mother and step-father Ruth and Charles Haywood, Bella Vista, Ark.; two brothers, Terry Cooper and David Cooper, Overland Park; two sisters, Gwen Miller of Indianapolis, Ind., and Patricia Hill, Lawrence, and three grandchildren.  Funeral services are being conducted at 2:00 p.m. today (Thursday, Sept.17) at the United Methodist Church, Conway Springs. Graveside serviceswill be held at 1:00 p.m. Friday, September 18, at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Hiawatha.

      A memorial has been established to the United Methodist Church Music Department, Conway Springs. Ebersole Mortuary, Conway Springs was in charge of arrangements.



         246.  i.    Michael David6 Scraper (details excluded).

         247.  ii.   Jeffrey Todd Scraper (details excluded).

                 iii.   Joel Franklin Scraper, (details excluded).

                    He married Linda Frost, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Gregory Scott Scraper, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Katherine _________, (details excluded).


150. Larry Eugene5 Scraper, (Robert4, Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 15 May 1947, d. 10 Jun 1974 in Ft. Riley, KS.  Larry was killed in a hand grenade accident while in training for the National Guard.

      He married 2 Aug 1969, Gerol Koenig.


         248.  i.    Bradley6 Scraper (details excluded).


151. Randy Lee5 Scraper, (Robert4, Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married Wanda Joy Jones, (details excluded).


         249.  i.    Heather Dawn6 Scraper (details excluded).

         250.  ii.   Mathew Benjamin Scraper (details excluded).

         251.  iii.   Stephanie Anne Scraper (details excluded).


152. Susan Coleen5 Critchfield, (Mildred4, Frank3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Lawrence Jay Herrmann, (details excluded).


                 i.    Otto Joseph6 Herrmann, (details excluded).


153. Wallace Noah5 Scraper, (Manford4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 1 Oct 1951 in Concordia, KS, d. 24 Feb 2003 in Oregon.

      He married (1) ABT 1970, Pamela __________.


         252.  i.    Felicia6 Scraper (details excluded).

      He married (2) Therese Shepstone.


154. John George Jr.5 Dean, (Manford4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 10 Mar 1942 in Republic County, KS, d. 13 Jan 2001 in Martinsburg, WV, buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Martinsburg, WV.

      He married 31 Dec 1966, Barbara Carol Williams.


         253.  i.    John George III6 Dean (details excluded).

                 ii.   Tricia Lynn Dean, (details excluded).


155. Max Lee5 Scraper, (Manford4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Valinda Ruth Battiest, (details excluded).


         254.  i.    Harley6 Sarten (details excluded).

                 ii.   Tammy Battiest, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Robert Manford Scraper, (details excluded).

                    He married Cindy Renee Crabtree, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Tiffany Ann Scraper, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Kimberley Sue Troesch, (details excluded).


                 v.   Kevin Allen Hackwith, (details excluded).

                 vi.  Heather Amber Fisher, (details excluded).

                 vii.  Lee Ann Fisher, b. 4 Jun 1997 in Springfield, Illinois, d. 6 Jun 1997 in Springfield, Illinois.


156. Donna Lynn5 Sellers, (Peggy4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married (1) Tom Anderson, (details excluded).


         255.  i.    Christina Marie6 Anderson (details excluded).

                 ii.   Charles Michael Anderson, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Michelle Lynn Anderson, (details excluded).

      She married (2) Kenneth Tyler, (details excluded).


157. Patrick Alan5 Sellers, (Peggy4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Jennifer Schultz, (details excluded).


                 i.    Cody Alan6 Sellers, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Mary Sue Middleton, (details excluded).


                 ii.   Daniel McSwain, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Eric "Gage" McSwain, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Lakin McSwain, (details excluded).


158. Michael Eugene5 Zimmerman, (Betty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 12 Apr 1951 in Beloit, KS, d. 30 Sep 1981, buried in Greeley County Cemetery, Tribune, KS.  Michael died in a freak accident at the feedlot.

      He married Vickie Jo Montgomery, (details excluded).


                 i.    Malinda Jo6 Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Monica Ann Zimmerman, (details excluded).

         256.  iii.   Michelle Josephine Zimmerman (details excluded).

                 iv.  Rebecca Lynn Zimmerman, (details excluded).

         257.  v.   Travis Eugene Zimmerman (details excluded).


159. Charles David5 Zimmerman, (Betty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Penny Capp, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Joy Mills, b. 4 Jan 1966, d. MAY 1990 in Salina, KS.  Joy died in a motercycle accident in Salina, KS.


                 i.    Michael Eugene6 Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Christopher Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Andrew Dale Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Cassandra Zimmerman, (details excluded).


160. Kenneth Lee5 Zimmerman, (Betty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) /__________ /, (details excluded).


                 i.    Amber Dawn6 Zimmerman, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Camelia Dixon, (details excluded).


                 ii.   Richard O'Neil Carter, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Brandon Eugene Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Nathan Lee Zimmerman, (details excluded).


161. Dennis Earl5 Zimmerman, (Betty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Virginia Lynn Haywood, (details excluded).


         258.  i.    Raymond Eugene6 Zimmerman (details excluded).

                 ii.   Nathan Earl Zimmerman, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Starla Beth Carpenter, (details excluded).

      He married (3) Donna Rose Westfall, (details excluded).


                 iii.   Brooklyn Rose Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Cherokee Renae Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 v.   Adrianna Leighann Zimmerman, (details excluded).

                 vi.  Dennis Earl Jr. Zimmerman, (details excluded).


162. Elizabeth Ann5 Scraper, (Joseph4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married James Wayne Harper, (details excluded).


         259.  i.    Travis Wayne6 Harper (details excluded).

                 ii.   Sara Jolene Harper, (details excluded).

                    She married Matthew Lee Dreher, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Kate Elizabeth Harper, (details excluded).


163. Joseph Francis (Jr)5 Scraper, (Joseph4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married Rachel Yma Nicholson, (details excluded).


                 i.    Nicholas Paul6 Scraper, (details excluded).


164. Susan Amelia5 Scraper, (Joseph4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Ronald Lee Bradley, (details excluded).


                 i.    Nathan David6 Bradley, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Joshua Tyler Bradley, b. 9 Sep 1999 in Wichita, KS, d. 9 Sep 1999 in Wichita, KS, buried in Wichita, KS.


165. Diana Frances5 Scraper, (Joseph4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married David Eugene King, (details excluded).


                 i.    Ethan David6 King, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Bethany Sue King, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Ryan Joseph King, (details excluded).


166. James Louis5 Scraper, (Joseph4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married Stacy Lynn Pigg (Piggette), (details excluded).


                 i.    Briana Christine6 Scraper, (details excluded).


167. Lawrence ' Larry ' Steven5 Scraper, (John4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 23 Jan 1955 in Waltham, Mass., d. 7 Aug 2006 in Texas.

      He married 7 Mar 1975, Bobbie Jean Lewis.


         260.  i.    Jennifer Lea6 Scraper (details excluded).

                 ii.   John Robert Scraper, (details excluded).

         261.  iii.   Jessica Mae Scraper (details excluded).

                 iv.  Jaime Marie Scraper, (details excluded).


168. Darrell DeWayne5 Scraper, (John4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married (1) Debra Camp, (details excluded).

      He married (2) Galye Marie Delucia, (details excluded).


                 i.    Darrell Dewayne (Jr)6 Scraper, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Steven Michael Scraper, (details excluded).

      He married (3) Joan Petusian, (details excluded).


                 iii.   Shelby Ann Scraper, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Sean Daniel Scraper, (details excluded).


169. Sheila Lynne5 Scraper, (John4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).


                 i.    Samantha Michelle6 Morris, (details excluded).

      She married (2) Roy Schnieder, (details excluded).

      She married (3) Alan Rawlings, (details excluded).


170. Pamela Dineen5 Scraper, (John4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Carl Michael Wiechert, (details excluded).


                 i.    Amanda Dawn6 Wiechert, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Ian Michael Wiechert, (details excluded).


171. Donna Lee5 Monaghan, (Dotty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Patrick Russell Stevens, (details excluded).


                 i.    James Michael6 Stevens, b. 20 Sep 1981 in Dodge City, KS, d. 23 Sep 1981 in Wichita, KS.

                 ii.   Shawn Ryan Stevens, (details excluded).

         262.  iii.   Michelle Lenee Stevens (details excluded).


172. Brenda Kjean5 Monaghan, (Dotty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married Tommie Andrew Winters, (details excluded).


                 i.    Travis Lee6 Winters, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Rebecca Lynn Winters, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Dustin James Winters, (details excluded).


173. Marsha Rae5 Monaghan, (Dotty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married (1) Tanner Caldwell, (details excluded).

      She married (2) Frank Edward Montgomery, (details excluded).


                 i.    Andrew Keith6 Montgomery, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Jessica Ellen Montgomery, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Matthew Edward Montgomery, (details excluded).


174. Thomas Wayne5 Monaghan, (Dotty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      He married Mary Margaret Jack, (details excluded).


                 i.    Jonathon Wayne6 Monaghan, (details excluded).


175. Lisa Jo5 Monaghan, (Dotty4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married (1) Jaymes Dean Marshall, b. 14 Nov 1969 in Flint, Michigan, d. 24 Sep 1992, buried in Manhattan, KS.


                 i.    Lacy Askew6 Marshall, (details excluded).

      She married (2) Shane Glen Whitesitt, (details excluded).


                 ii.   Kaci Alice Whitesitt, (details excluded).

      She married (3) Jeff Weems, (details excluded).


                 iii.   Denver Scott Weems, (details excluded).


176. Summer Rena5 Zerofski, (Mary4, Manford3, Archibald2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) (details excluded).

      She married (1) Michael Charles Graham, (details excluded).


                 i.    Jesse Michael6 Graham, (details excluded).

                 ii.   Padraic Francis Graham, (details excluded).

                 iii.   Rachael Lynn Graham, (details excluded).

                 iv.  Raymond Fredrick Graham, (details excluded).

                 v.   Shane Phillip Graham-Bevis, (details excluded).

      She married (2) Winters Otero, (details excluded).


177. Sally5 Scott, (Annie4, Jennie3, Otter2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) d. 9 Apr 1930 in Adair Co., Okla.

      She married Daylight Batt.


                 i.    Josephine6 Batt.


178. Hickey5 Scott, (Annie4, Jennie3, Otter2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 17 Jul 1905, d. ABT 1960, buried in Echota Cemetery, Adair Co., Okla.

      He married Bertha Wheeler.


         263.  i.    Reba Bell6 Scott b. 23 Sep 1925.


179. Thomas Warren5 Scraper, (Louis4, Tom3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 11 Feb 1921, d. 12 Jan 1994.

      Thomas married (1) Evelyn Maxine Robinson, (details excluded).


                 i.    Dianna Lea6 Scraper, (details excluded).

                    She married _________ Laswell.

      Thomas married (2) Alene Linn, (daughter of Lee Linn and Lena Foreman).


                 ii.   Thomas Warren Jr. "Fox" Scraper.

                    He married ABT AUG 1980, Melva Jean Wooten.

                 iii.   Gary Scraper.

                 iv.  Rosemary Scraper.

                 v.   Louis Scraper.

                 vi.  Roger Scraper.

                 vii.  Teresa Scraper.

                 viii. Brian Scraper.

                 ix.  Michael Ray Scraper.

                    He married ABT 1991, Anita Louise Jones.

                 x.   Lesa Scraper.

      Thomas married (3) ABT APR 1973, Pauline Gladys Wilmoth, b. 24 Feb 1920, (daughter of Bry Wilmoth and Beulah Harrington) d. 12 Jun 2002.


180. Jack Victor Q.5 Scraper, (Louis4, Tom3, Lewis2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 25 Nov 1923, d. 10 Feb 1968 in Gentry, AR, buried in Dickson Cemetery.

      He married 1947, Rosa White.


                 i.    Sharon Kay6 Scraper.

                    She married Robert Leroy Mullin, b. 1944, d. 5 Oct 1984, buried in Dickson Cemetery.


181. Marion Franklin5 England, (Pigeon4, Washington3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 16 Mar 1916 in Okla, d. 3 Feb 2000.

      He married Geneva Beck, b. 4 Oct 1916, d. 16 Mar 2001.


                 i.    Bob6 England.

                 ii.   Marjorie England.

                 iii.   Patricia Lea England.

                 iv.  Cindy England.

                 v.   Donna England.

                 vi.  Jody England.


182. Woodrow Wilson5 England, (Beulah4, John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 14 Jan 1915.

      He married 19 Mar 1938, Ida Lucille Douglas.


                 i.    Bertha Jenan6 England.

                    She married Bill Arnold Alderman.


183. Sidney Edgar 'Dugan'5 England, (Benjamin4, John3, Salley2, Dee-su-gaw-skee1) b. 10 Feb 1927 in Pryor, Okla, d. 18 Jun 2006 in Claremore, Okla, buried in Washington Cemetery. 

        Claremore Daily Progress - Sidney E. 'Dugan' England went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, June 18, 2006 at his home in Claremore.  He was born in Pryor on Feb. 10, 1927, to Benjamin Sidney and Charlotte Ellen 'Lottie' (Collier) England.  Sidney was a Cherokee citizen and proud of his heritage.  He can trace his family roots to the early 1700s.  His great-grandmother Sally Scraper-England came to Oklahoma on the "Trail of Tears." Many of his relatives were very prominent figures in Cherokee history.

        He attended Bushyhead School and played basketball there.  He was a lifelong resident of Rogers County and the Foyil area except for his time in the U.S. Army.  He served in WWII and Korea.  Dugan received the WWII Victory Medal, Occupation Medal and Marksmanship awards.  He is also honored at the Cherokee Nation’s Warriors Memorial in Tahlequah.  Sid had a variety of jobs over his lifetime.  He was a farmer, explosives detonator, and big equipment operator.  He also drilled water and oil wells.  Dugan could do any job in the oil field.