Youngwolf Sixkiller line

Compiled by Joe Scraper Jr.  March 2009


This line may or may not connect to our Sixkiller family of Redbird, Delaware, Cricket, etc.  I share this report merely to help fellow researchers determine where various Sixkillers fit in. These family lines may contain errors and certainly contain omissions. They are intended to be used as a starting point and as a guide to help lead you down the various paths of our family lines. Corrections, updates, and comments are very welcome.  Please feel free to email me (Joe Scraper Jr.) at:   And please include the name Sixkiller in the subject line.



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Generation One


1.  Sixkiller1 , b. in Cherokee Nation East, (son of Sixkiller and _________) d. 1865 in Cherokee Nation West.  He married Ga-de-wa-ste, b. in Cherokee Nation East, (daughter of Ga-ski-lo and ________) d. 1864 in Cherokee Nation West.


                    i.    Di-ya-ne2 Sixkiller, b. 1843 in Cherokee Nation, d. 1892 in Cherokee Nation.

                    ii.   Alick Sixkiller, b. 1845 in Cherokee Nation, d. 1863 in Cherokee Nation.

           2.      iii.  Wa-ya-ne-da (Youngwolf) b. 1847.

                    iv.  Ail-sie Sixkiller, b. 1849 in Cherokee Nation, d. 1860 in Cherokee Nation.

                    v.   Ka-ho-ga Sixkiller, b. 1851 in Cherokee Nation, d. 1868 in Cherokee Nation.

           3.      vi.  Sallie Sixkiller b. 1852.

                    vii. Ah-le-cha Sixkiller.

                    viii. We-lee Sixkiller.


Generation Two


2.  Wa-ya-ne-da2 (Youngwolf), (Sixkiller1) b. 1847 in Cherokee Nation, d. 1874 in Cherokee Nation.  He married Oo-lu-cha.


           4.      i.    Charley3 Sixkiller b. c1872.


3.  Sallie2 Sixkiller, (Sixkiller1) b. 1852 in Cherokee Nation. 

     She married (1) ________ Rattlinggourd.

     She married (2) Runabout Proctor, b. abt 1850 in Cherokee Nation, d. abt 1890 in Cherokee Nation.  AKA Runabout Bag or Sack, also Runabout Wolf.  Cherokee name was Ahkl-adah.

     She married (3) Charlie Hilderbrand, b. abt 1867 in Cherokee Nation, (son of Sam Hilderbrand and Susie ________).

                          Children by ________ Rattlinggourd:

                    i.    Johnson3 Rattlinggourd, b. abt 1871 in Cherokee Nation.

                          Children by Runabout Proctor:

                    ii.   Linnie Proctor, b. abt 1886 in Cherokee Nation.

                          AKA Linnie Runabout.


Generation Three


4.  Charley3 Sixkiller, (Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1) b. c1872 in Cherokee Nation.

     Charley was called Charley Singer at the Cherokee Orphan Asylum.

     He married (1) Linnie Starr, abt 1893 in Cherokee Nation, b. abt 1870 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of James Starr and Nannie Hildebrand).

     He married (2) Eliza Tanner, abt 1898 in Cherokee Nation, b. abt 1880 in Cherokee Nation, (daughter of Aaron Tanner and Mary Daniel).  Eliza’s Cherokee name was See-nost.

     He married (3) Molly Jones.

                          Children by Linnie Starr:

                    i.    Youngwolf4 Sixkiller, b. abt Feb 1893 in Cherokee Nation.

                          Aka Youngwolf Singer.

                          Children by Eliza Tanner:

                    ii.   Rufas Sixkiller, b. June 3, 1898 in Delaware District, Cherokee Nation.  He married _________ Russell.

           5.      iii.  Sampson Sixkiller b. July 9, 1900.

           6.      iv.  Houston Sixkiller b. Feb 13, 1903.

           7.      v.   Lila Sixkiller b. Nov 2, 1906.

           8.      vi.  John Sixkiller.


Generation Four


5.  Sampson4 Sixkiller, (Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1) b. July 9, 1900 in Delaware District, Cherokee Nation, d. Feb 1981.

     Sampson lived on the upper Spavinaw in the Taylor community and preached at the Piney Baptist Church (Delaware County).

     He married Birdie Miller Harlan.  Birdie taught in the rural schools of Delaware County and later moved to Cherokee, North Carolina.


                    i.    Penny5 Harlan, [step].

                    ii.   Johnny Harlan, [step].

                    iii.  Jesse Sixkiller.


6.  Houston4 Sixkiller, (Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1) b. Feb 13, 1903, d. June 1972.  He married (1) Iva Owens.  He married (2) Effie Peak.  He married (3) Lily May Davis.

                          Children by Iva Owens:

                    i.    Annabelle5 Sixkiller.

                    ii.   Charles Sixkiller.

                    iii.  Lilah Sixkiller.

                          Children by Effie Peak:

                    iv.  Patsy Sixkiller.

                    v.   Ida Ruth Sixkiller.

                    vi.  Naomi Sixkiller.

                          Children by Lily May Davis:

                    vii. Johnny Sixkiller.

                    viii. Sammy Sixkiller.

                    ix.   Josie Sixkiller.

                    x.    Kenneth Sixkiller.

                    xi.   Dennis Sixkiller.

                    xii.  Priscilla Sixkiller.


7.  Lila4 Sixkiller, (Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1) b. Nov 2, 1906, d. May 12, 1999.  She married Terry R. Gourd, (son of Daniel Rattinggourd and Lula Snell).


           9.      i.    Arrowannah R.5 Gourd [step].

           10.    ii.   Nema R. Gourd [step].

           11.    iii.  Reba R. Gourd.

           12.    iv.  David R. Gourd.

                    v.   Franklin D. R. Gourd.  He married Betty Chumwalooky.


8.  John4 Sixkiller, (Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1). He married Leona Sapsucker.


                    i.    Cherry5 Sixkiller.

                    ii.   Sarah Sixkiller.

                    iii.  Myrtle Sixkiller.

                    iv.  John Sixkiller.


Generation Five


9.  Arrowannah R.5 Gourd, (Lila4, Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1). She married Bennie Turner.


                    i.    Raymond6 Turner.

                    ii.   Terry Lee Turner.

                    iii.  Deloris Turner.

                    iv.  J. D. Turner.

                    v.   Leroy Turner.

                    vi.  Ellen Turner.


10.  Nema R.5 Gourd, (Lila4, Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1). She married Henry Hart.


                    i.    Robert6 Hart.

                    ii.   Florence Hart.

                    iii.  Linda Sue Hart.

                    iv.  Ramsey Hart.

                    v.   Larry Hart.

                    vi.  Wesley Hart.

                    vii. Elma Ann Hart.

                    viii. Henry Hart.


11.  Reba R.5 Gourd, (Lila4, Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1). She married Clyde Reeser.


                    i.    Daniel Charles6 Reeser.


12.  David R.5 Gourd, (Lila4, Charley3, Wa-ya-ne-da2, Sixkiller1). He married Teresa Brown.


                    i.    Julie R.6 Gourd.

                    ii.   Terry R. Gourd.




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