Cherokee Nation, Going Snake District:

Affidavit of Captain Arch Scraper July 1888


In the matter of original invalid pension claim no. 450512 of Geo. W. Scraper, late Orderly Sergt. Co. D, 2nd Regt. Indian Home Guards.

Personally came before me, a clerk of the Probate Court of Going Snake District, C.N. Arch Scraper, aged 62 years, a resident of Going Snake Dist, who being duly sworn, declared that he is the identical Arch Scraper who was Captain of said Company, and is brother of said Claimant.

And further says:

Said Claimant contracted inflammation of the eyes while in the line of his duty and in the military service of the United States at or near Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, in the month of January 1864 by reason of great exposure in a severe snow storm at which time said company was encamped a short distance from said fort. The storm commenced with a very high wind in fore part of the night, which prostrated the tents and exposed the men to the full inclemency of the storm. It was impossible to reconstruct them, but after every effort to erect the tents again, the soldiers covered themselves with their tent cloths under which they passed a tedious night, and found themselves blanketed underneath about a foot of snow when day dawned on them again.

Claimant took a severe cold, which settled in his eyes and head and caused total blindness for several days immediately following the storm. His eyes never recovered from the shock. Vision of left eye was destroyed and has never been restored so as to be of any practical use. Vision of right eye was partially regained, but by reason of chronic inflammation became so impaired 14 or more years ago that he could not see to read coarse print, and has remained ever so since. He has suffered much from acute attacks of inflammation in the eyes- usually most afflicted in the winter seasons.

Claimant also contracted rheumatism in said service while in line of his duty. He was attacked with the last named malady at the Battle of Honey Springs, Indian Territory, on or about the 17th day of July 1863 after a severe march followed by a days fighting of the enemy and a short pursuit. Claimant gave out with pain in his legs and joints. I think previous exposure in the line of duty had much to do with bringing on the rheumatism. He was so crippled with rheumatism while he remained in the service that he was not physically fit for active service.

He made a few marches with the company after said battle, but he had to ride, could not march on foot. He has been so crippled with rheumatism ever since the war that he has not been able to perform much manual labor, and for 12 or 14 years has been wholly disabled thereby for procuring his subsistence by manual labor. I have had good opportunity to know his general physical conditions since the war.

I have no interest in said claim. My P.O. address is Cincinnati, Ark.

Capt. Arch Scraper affiant sworn and subscribed to before me this 9th day of July A.D. 1888: And I certify that I have no interest in said claim: And that the affiant is a credible witness, being personally well known to me.

J.R. Wright, Clerk of the Probate Court of Going Snake District, C.N., I.T.



Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr. April 2008