Commissioner of Indian Affairs,

                           Washington, D. C.


       I hereby make application for such share as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees.  The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.


1. State full name--

         English name: ____Charley___Scraper__________________________________

         Indian name:   ____War-hoo-_Kar______________________________________

2. Residence: ____________Tahlequah__District________________________________

3. Town and post office: _____Tahlequah______________________________________

4. County: _____________Cherokee__Nation__________________________________

5. State: _______________Indian__Territory___________________________________

6. Date and place of birth: __About_1834,___Georgia____________________________

7. By what right do you claim to share?   If you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately: ____father_(1)__Scraper,__(2)__myself_,  My_Mothers_brother_(3)_Hominy_Smith,_ _my__fathers__brother_(4)_Sar-lar-we_and _his_son_(5)_Arch_and_his_two_children_(6)_Ar-ne-char_and_(7)_Wah-le-yah._Also_ fathers_sister_(8)_Jennie_Wickliffe,______

also_(9)_Henry_Smith_&_(10)_Sallie_Smith,_children_of a brother to Uncle Hominy Smith._____________________________

8. Are you married: _____No_______________________________________________

9. Name and age of wife or husband: _________________________________________

10. Give names of your father and mother, and your mother’s name before marriage.

         Father—English name: ___Scraper_____________________________________

                    Indian name:  ___Dee-soo-gor-ske______________________________    

Mother –English name: ______________________________________________

           Indian name:  ___Dianey__Scraper______________________________

                    Maiden name: __Dianey__Smith________________________________

11. Where were they born?

         Father: _______Old_Cherokee_Nation,__Georgia_________________________

         Mother: ______Old_Cherokee_Nation,__Georgia_________________________

12. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?

         Father: ____Going_Snake_Dist,___C._N.__I._T.__________________________

         Mother: ____Died__prior_to_that_date__________________________________

13. Date of death of your father and mother—

         Father: _About_1854____________  Mother: _Prior to 1851_________________


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14. Were they ever enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits?  If so, state when and where: _______1835,_1851_________________________________________________


15. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and if not living, the date of death:


                  NAME.                                   BORN.                              DIED.


        (1) Oo-le-nar-we__halfbro._       _unknown_         _Prior to 1851_descendants living

        (2) Alexander Scraper halfbro.    _unknown_        _About 1862    descendants living

        (3) _Wilson  Scraper   halfbro.    _unknown_        _About 1851 or 52 has children living

        (4) _George W. Scraper_____    _about 1820          about 1883__children living

        (5) _Arch__Scraper________     _about 1822        _May 1904,  descendants living

        (6) _Sally__Weight________     _about 1823        _about 1864, descendants living

        (7) _William C. Scraper____      _about 1825        _July 1896____1 child living


16. State English and Indian names of your grandparents on both father’s and mother’s side, if possible:

                            FATHER’S SIDE                                  MOTHER’S SIDE


         1 _Oo-Ka-wor-dar___________                 3 __Cabin__Smith_______________

         2 ___Wah-le-yah____________                 4 ___Jennie   Smith______________


17. Where were they born? __________Georgia________________________________

18. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? _____All died prior that date._

19. Give names of all their children, and residence, if living; if not living, give dates of deaths:

(1)  English name: ___Scraper_____father_______________________________

Indian name:   _________________________________________________

(2)  English name: _________________________________________________

Indian name:   ___Sar-lar-we_,___unknown,__no descendants____________

(3)  English name: ___Sixkiller,______dead___about 1851,   descendants living_

Indian name:   _________________________________________________

(4)  English name: _Archilla  Smith,   dead  time unknown, no descendants living

Indian name:   _________________________________________________

(5)  English name: _Hominy Smith,    died about 1854,   no descendants_______

Indian name:   _________________________________________________

(6)  English name: ___Eliza Drum,          Campbell, I. T.___________________

Indian name:

20. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits?  If so, state when and where:

___1835,  1851,  1880,  1881,  1891,  1894,  1896, and Dawes Com. Roll__


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         I solemnly swear that the foregoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

                                    (Signed)  _Charley Scraper_______

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _3__ day of   __January___, 1907.

         My commission expires

             November 18, 1910                               _Simon R. Walkingstick____

                                                                                     Notary Public.

The Affidavit is witnessed by William H. Balentine Sr., having known Charley for 25 years, and J. T. Wolfe, having known Charley for 10 years.



Transcriber’s notes: From reading many of these Guion Miller Roll applications, it seems that the applicants believed that the more relatives they listed, the bigger share they would get.  Sometimes they would attach additional papers with more names listed, and at times they would even mail in additional lists of names. (This is of course good news for us genealogists).  In some instances the applicant crossed off a name or names stating that they had heard that someone else had already claimed the named person or persons, apparently believing that a relative could not be claimed by more than one person.


To the left of question #15, a hand written notation states that they are of the same father.


On question # 16, near the name Oo-ka-war-dar is written “or Chick-sa-de-he”, as if Uncle Charley was either unsure of his answer, or meant that his grandfather went by both names.  Oo-ka-war-dar = Buckskin and Chick-sa-de-he = Chickasaw Killer.  {Another family source listed Chick-sa-de-he as the father of Oo-ka-war-da’s wife, Wah-le-yah (Hummingbird), which would make him great-grandfather to Charley}


Also on question #16, Captain Smith was written and then scratched out and replaced with Cabin Smith.  Indicating that the clerk who was filling out the application for Charley may have misunderstood Charley’s reply, and then was prompted to correct it. {The clerk was Charley’s grand-nephew, Simon R. Walkingstick}


Regarding question #19, a note written off to the left shows children numbers 4, 5, & 6 to be children of Cabin & Jennie Smith.


At first it seemed odd to me that Uncle Charley listed a death date for his brother George W. Scraper of 1883.  But I suppose that communication was scarce between the two once George moved to the Vinita region, a great distance to travel in those days.  {three decades later, Simon Walkingstick would imply in an IPH interview, that George died during the Civil War}.  Actually George W. Scraper survived the war and was alive and well until October of 1899 when he passed away at his daughter’s home near the Saline District Courthouse.


It also seemed odd that Uncle Charley was apparently unaware that his Uncle Sar-lar-we did have many descendants living within a day’s ride, in Flint District.  Once again, travel and communication was certainly much more difficult in those days.


The above  is an example of some of the information that one can find on the applications for the Guion Miller Roll.  Though some are scantily filled out with many lines left blank, many are filled with great data on our various families.  If you are looking for additional data regarding Cherokee family members I highly recommend this source.  If you haven’t yet used this resource, you are in for a treat if you find an ancestor on this roll.  These are generally available at the National Archives in various locations across the country, as well as some of the major libraries.  In Oklahoma I know them to be available at the Northeastern Library in Tahlequah, the city library in Muskogee, and the archives in Oklahoma City, among other places.  Business hours and fee schedules vary so please call before making plans for a day of research.  The book, Guion Miller Roll Plus, by Bob Blankenship, is a great way to look up the names of your ancestors and copy down their roll numbers in advance doing your research.  Be sure to write down their application numbers, rather than just their actual roll numbers.  For the internet savvy, you may be able to locate sites to order copies of Miller Roll Applications online. Happy Hunting! Joe Scraper Jr.