The Lordís Prayer courtesy of the Cherokee Nation website Ė for a downloadable version go to or go to their main page and click on downloads.Note: You may need to download the Cherokee syllabary font in order to properly view and/or print the Lordís Prayer.The font is also available for free download at the Cherokee Nation site.

The Lord's Prayer
uzW=h uc4lstmi
u-gv-wi-yu-hi u-da-do-li-s-ta-nv-i

Our Father, living in heaven
of4c gkwd Lh
o-gi-do-da ga-lv-la-di he-hi

Your name shall be glorified.
gk?d= bSsd [E4vi
ga-lv-quo-di-yu ge-se-s-di de-tsa-do-v-i

Let it be known you are God.
EzW=h b9 Wgn0qi
tsa-gv-wi-yu-hi ge-sv wi-ga-na-nu-go-i

Here on Earth your will shall be
a/ e]h W/glsc Ucmdszi,
a-ni e-lo-hi wi-ni-ga-li-s-da ha-da-nv-te-s-gv-i

Done the same as in Heaven.
nsfy gkwd G/glsdU
na-s-gi-ya ga-lv-la-di tsi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha

Everyday, give us our daily needs.
/c4cF&9 oglscxd sfvR qh ig
ni-da-do-da-qui-sv o-ga-li-s-da-yv-di s-gi-v-si go-hi i-ga

Forgive us what we owe, as we forgive others of what they have done.
dbsfvR?Z [sfjzi nsfy GdgYGp$ 5Gjf
di-ge-s-gi-v-si-quo-no de-s-gi-du-gv-i na-s-gi-ya tsi-di-ga-yo-tsi-ne-ho tso-tsi-du-gi

Don't lead us to trials,
a> ^sd ucqlBdI b9 WdsfyTmstmf
a-le tle-s-di u-da-go-li-ye-di-yi ge-sv wi-di-s-gi-ya-ti-nv-s-ta-nv-gi

But rescue us from evil.
sf=c>sbsd?sf/ uY b9i
s-gi-yu-da-le-s-ge-s-di-quo-s-gi-ni u-yo ge-sv-i

You are God,
E}lgBZ EzW=h b9i
tsa-tse-li-ga-ye-no tsa-gv-wi-yu-hi ge-sv-i

The strength,
a> El/fdI b9i
a-le tsa-li-ni-gi-di-yi ge-sv-i

And forever salvation.
a> eEk?d= b9 /qhki
a-le e-tsa-lv-quo-di-yu ge-sv ni-go-hi-lv-i