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Six Killer 1842 Going Snake District Claim


The United States Do:

To Six Killer late of Island Town C.N.E. now living in Going Snake District.


Amount unpaid of my valuation $81.75 - 2 bushel sets 4.50 86.25

1 lantern .50 10 lbs wool $5 1 flat iron $1 25 benchs $6.25 12.75

1 churn 1.50 1 stone jar $1 2 harness 87 3.37



Six Killer being duly sworn states that he did not receive the amount of his valuation by $81.75. He believes that it was not forwarded to this country, or that the commissioner returned it. The other items were omitted in his first account of abandoned property.

Six Killer X his mark


Cricket Sixkiller being duly sworn says: I know my father did not receive the whole of his valuation money and that the other charges are for property he owned and left behind when started by the U.S. agents to this country.

Cricket Six Killer X his mark


Sworn and subscribed before me

March 23rd 1842

David M. Foreman Clk



1842 Going Snake District Claim # 61

Transcribed by Joe Scraper Jr April 2008