Indian Pioneer History Interviews concerning or mentioning our family members

Ben Knight

Buster Scraper

Charlie Whitmire

Dave Walters

Eli Whitmire

Emma Sixkiller

Louis Taylor

Mary Starr Palone

Mrs. Eli Whitmire

Pearl Baggette

Peavine Community

Simon Walkingstick

S.W. Ross- regarding Caleb Covel

Old Sixkiller home

William Wolfe

Jonathan Whitmire

Margaret Ann Hill

Kate Cornatzer


The Oklahoma Historical Society and the history department at the University of Oklahoma received a Works Progress Administration (WPA) grant during the late 1930’s to record the recollections of the people of Oklahoma regarding the history of the region. Grant Foreman headed up the project from his headquarters in Muskogee.

I have obtained copies of these “interviews” via microfilm in libraries at various Oklahoma cities such as Oklahoma City, Muskogee, Grove, and Calera. I am sure they are also available at other Oklahoma libraries as well.

Please note that these are the recorded memories of various pioneers and while they are generally accurate, the folks were after all human, and so the occasional error was bound to occur due to the toll of many summers upon the memory, and to misinterpretations by the interviewers as well as typographical errors.

My transcriptions may include adjustments to allow for easier readability. If you require absolute perfection to the last detail in the transcription, please check the microfilm at one of the libraries who have them on hand.
Joe Scraper Jr.

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